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Happy New Year!!!!!!

Happy New Year you guys!!!
2019 is here and I wish you all to fulfill your goals and chase your dreams!!!

Book Series of 2018!

Hello guys! I am coming back today with a double post for you, in excuse for skipping yesterday's blogpost...😌 So, today, I will be talking about the series I completed in 2018 and the second portion of this post will be about the series I started or continued reading in 2018!!!

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman - book review

Hello guys! Christmas may have passed but Blogmas is still going strong till Dec 31st! For today's post I have a review I had promised was coming this time of year! Well, you probably saw it in the title but yes, it is Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman!!!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Health and happiness to you all!! May you be present and enjoy today as you like!!! 

How do you spend today where you live?

In Greece, during Christmas Eve, children sing carols from house to house in exchange for some money or treats!
And on Christmas Day all family gathers and eats together! Chicken soup, turkey, wine and lots of traditional greek sweets!!!
Also, Santa Claus "visits" little children and lets presents under the tree, but most families exchange gifts on New Year's Eve!

See you next time!

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Christmas Movies I watched lately on Netflix!

Netflix is full of Christmas movies!!! The perfect way to spend a night in!

Christmas Inspo!

For those that need a little bit of inspo this week, I am here for you!!! Keep reading!!!

My 2019 most anticipated reads

2019 is just around the corner and many great books come out next year! Here are 12 (because who can only name 5 or 10 of my most anticipated 2019 releases!!!

2018 Book Haul No 5 - Blogmas!

I had warned you this was coming! 5 new books that I bought this fall!! I have also posted parts 1 , 2, 3 and 4 if you are interested or looking for books!

A Darker Shade Of Magic by V. E. Schwab - book review

It was about time to join that wagon!
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My 2018 authors - part two

In this post series I share with you all the authors that I "discovered" in 2018! Make sure to also visit my part one post for the rest of them!

Blogmas Announcement!


2018 New authors I've read this year - part 1

Each year, I like challenging myself to "discover" new authors. This year has been the best so far as far as that particular goal as I have "discovered" 13 new authors! I will talk about the first 7 here and there will be a part II coming soon! I wrote them by the chronological order that I read their books!

Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas - book review!

I read this book last month and OMG I still can't find the right words to express all the feelings I experienced while reading this.... But, I'll try! Hahaha!!!

Winter Anticipated Reads!

Well hello everyone!
Today I am going to change things up a little bit! Since my most anticipated reads of 2019 is coming soon! (my favorite kind of posts!!!), I will not talk about the books that are coming out in January or February 2019 in this post! But I will talk about some excited December releases and books I own and I want to read during winter! Let's start!

Hello December!! November wrap up + favorites and Ddecember TBR!

The last month of 2018 is here!!!! WOW!!!! I am so exited for December! Christmas is my favorite holiday and you get to have more fun, exchange gifts, bake goods, spend more time with loved ones, set goals for nest year and all that fun stuff!

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon - book review

Hello guys!  I had promised this review was coming today! Let's talk about Voyager! The third book in the Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon, which also corresponds to season 3 of the famous tv series Outlander on starz! I am a big fan of this tv show and of course I am currently watching season 4! Also check out my review for Outlander and Dragonfly In Amber!

2018 Book haul No 4!

I have 5 more books for you today!! I got those during summer and are mostly my July-birthday book haul! Better late than never!
I have also posted parts 1 , 2 and 3 if you are interested or looking for books!

Tome Topple Readathon Round 7

Yes! Round 7 is here!!!
Tome Topple starts at midnight in your time zone on November 16th and ends at 11:59pm in your time zone on November 29th. The only rule is to read books over 500 pages!

City Of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty - book review!

Hello guys! I have a book review for you today! City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty. The first book in the Daevabad trilogy.

2018 Book Haul No3!

In this series of blog posts, I talk about 5 books that I bought this year and I talk a bit about them! Make sure to visit part 1 and part 2 as well!

The Emerald Sea by Richelle Mead - book review

An other 2018-book book review! The Emerald Sea is the third and final novel to the Glittering Court series, written by Richelle Mead!

Hello November! October wrap up and favorites and November TBR!

Happy November guys! What are you all doing? October has been a GREAT reading month for me! The best of the year so far!!!

Dracula by Bram Stoker - book review


For today's blog post I have a book review for you that matches today's mood! And that is Dracula by Bram Stoker! A classic read I had never read before! The original story, published back in 1897 that inspired all later vampire tales!

Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas - book review

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! 😎 I am coming at you with a new book review! This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2018 being written by my favorite author! So let's begin!

Happy release day to Kingdom of Ash!!! Quiz:Which character are you?

TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!!! THE FINAL INSTALLMENT IN THE THRONE OF GLASS SERIES IS HERE!!! The seventh and last book in one of my most favorite high fantasy series! I am so touched right now!!!😭😭😭

10 books I want to re-read!

Hello everyone! As the title suggests, I have a list of 10 books I want to re-read, preferably until January 2019! And that is because I want to re-fresh what happened so that I can continue with the series!!!

Hush hush by Becca Fitzpatrick - book review!

Hello guys! I know I was absent for a long time but I am really trying to get better!!!! If you didn't know, I have a bookstagram account now!!!!🎉🎉 I post more often there, I promise!! Hahaha!!!😂😂 Just follow me on @booksreadbyjoan to get notified for when I post in my blog and to talk about books!!!

Back in March, I read Hush hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. It is a paranormal romance, something like Twilight or the Fallen series, that I hadn't read back on 2009 when it was published, and wanted a light read at the moment.

Hello October! September Wrap Up and favorites - October TBR!

Hello October!
So happy for another fall month! I can't believe how quickly time flies!!

Book Haul 2018 - No. 2!

I haven't posted a book haul for a really really really long time and I have many books to show you! However I decided to create this series and divide them so we can also talk about them a bit too!For part one click here!

The Edinburgh Fate by Alisha Klapheke - book review!

Hey everyone! New review coming your way! Let's talk about The Edinburgh Fate by Alisha Klapheke, the third and final book to The Edinburgh Seer series!
Make sure to read about The Edinburgh Seer and The Edinburgh Heir and I'll be waiting here to discuss book 3 together!

Best tv series of 2018!

It is September again which means new a new tv season begins! Here are the top 10 tv series I watched on 2017! Mind you that I include ONLY the series that I am UP-TO-DATE!  Also, visit my 2017 tv series post to see what has changed and which new series I have added to this year's top 10! So many new entries!! Warning! This is a long post!!! 😂😂😂

Most anticipated fall 2018 releases!

Hello everyone and happy fall!!
A new season is upon us and that means new books are coming out! Here are my most anticipated releases of this fall!!

Hello September! August wrap up and favorites + September TBR!!

Hello everyone? Where did summer go? Well... to be honest weather in September feels like summer in Greece but still it is super nice to drop below 38 degrees Celsius like we had in July!
If you are familiar we these posts you know what to expect:

My August wrap up! Aka all the books I read this month!My top 5 favorites things or moments from August.Last but not least my September TBR, aka to be read books!

A Court Of Frost And Starlight by Sarah J. Maas - book review!

I read this book back in May, when it came out and I don't believe I haven't talked about it yet! It was one of my most anticipated reads of 2018 and to be completely honest I was a bit disappointed that it was so short!!! Even though I new it was a novella! And another thing that really bothered me was that there will be another novella before the fourth book in this series, which is expected to be published in 2020!!!! 2020!!! Seriously??? After that bit of rant let's move on with this review!!! Make sure to have completed the previous three books in the series before moving on!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Week on Goodreads!!! Book Recommendation!

Hey guys! It is Sci-Fi and Fantasy week on Goodreads! And what better way to celebrate this week by recommending my top picks from each genre! 

July favorites and wrap up and August TBR!

Hello guys! I am back from my summer vacation and feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of the year! I thought I would be able to read more but it seems that that wasn't the case...! So without further ado let's move on!

Tome Topple Wrap Up and War Storm by Victoria Aveyard - book review!

Hey guys! These last two weeks were so much fun reading War Storm during the Tome Topple Readathon! If it wasn't for the readathon I wouldn't have finished it, or wouldn't have started it being such a huge book to be honest! Hahaha!!!

Hello July! June Wrap Up + Favorites and July TBR!

It is July!!!! My favorite month of the year because it's my birthday on the 14th!!!! 🎉🌊🌞


Hey everyone!
Tome Topple Readathon started today in my time-zone! Round 6 starts today June 29th and lasts till July 12th! Last time I participated was on Round 4 last summer! I honestly don't know what I've been doing during round 5 but now I am back and I have some unread tomes to read!!

Summer 2018 Book New Releases

A new season means... new books are coming!!!!
It is time to talk about those summer reads coming the next three months!!!

May Wrap Up and Favs & June TBR!

This whole year is flying by! Here I am again with another monthly review and honestly I feel like April's favorites were yesterday! I've been really busy the whole month but without further delay let's continue!

2018 Book Haul - part 1

I can't believe I haven't posted a book haul this year! I tried not to buy many books this year, as my main goal is to narrow down my endless TBR shelf! So for today, I have 5 books to share with you in this first part!

Exciting Fandom News!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!! The last few days I read some really exciting news and I wanted to share them with you in case you don't already now!!!
So read below and get excited too!!!!

Midnight Jewel by Richelle Mead - book review

This is the second book in The Glittering Court trilogy by Richelle Mead. And this is the perfect timing to start reading this series as the last book, The Emerald Sea, is being published next month! You can take a glance in the series by reading the first book's review here!

Join Me for the Bikini Series

If you want to return to your fitness routine, or create a fitness routine this is the perfect timing to do so! Tone It Up has created an 8-week long fitness challenge to get ready for summer! Week 1 has passed but it is still early and you could join me if you want!

April Wrap Up and Favs and May TBR

We are already in the half of May! Time flew by so much! What happened this year??? Hahaha!!

April was a month that came and gone really quickly!!!

Confess by Colleen Hoover - book review

Hello everyone!
I am back with another book review! It is not uncommon that I read Colleen's books in no time!!!!!!! I read this one in one morning!!!! 😲😲😲😍 They are so addicting!!

March favorites and Wrap Up & April TBR

Another month flew by and spring is here!!! Finally!!! I love that now days are longer and warmer too! Even though we are in the middle of April I really wanted to share my last month's favs!!!

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes - book review

I am sure that I am the last to start reading this series.What have I been  doing these last years????? Honestly, I don't know!!!!! And if by any chance you haven't read that either let's start reading this series together!!! 

Edinburgh Heir by Alisha Klapheke - book review

Hey guys! Happy April! 🌸
This is the second book in The Edinburgh Seer book series by Alisha Klapheke! Make sure to buy the whole trilogy from Amazon for only $1.23 before it's too late! Also, go read my review hereof the first book and then come back here to discuss with me the second book!

Fitness Friday - Homemade Oat Bars recipe

I love fitness bars! They re easy to make, there are tons of recipes, million ingredient combinations and healthy first of all!!! Here is the recipe I've been using this year! They are amazing!!!!! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me making them on my story!