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Book Haul 2018 - No. 2!

I haven't posted a book haul for a really really really long time and I have many books to show you! However I decided to create this series and divide them so we can also talk about them a bit too! For part one click here !

The Edinburgh Fate by Alisha Klapheke - book review!

Hey everyone! New review coming your way! Let's talk about The Edinburgh Fate by Alisha Klapheke, the third and final book to The Edinburgh Seer series! Make sure to read about The Edinburgh Seer and The Edinburgh Heir and I'll be waiting here to discuss book 3 together!

Best tv series of 2018!

It is September again which means new a new tv season begins! Here are the top 10 tv series I watched on 2017! Mind you that I include ONLY the series that I am UP-TO-DATE!  Also, visit my 2017 tv series post to see what has changed and which new series I have added to this year's top 10! So many new entries!! Warning! This is a long post!!! 😂😂😂

Most anticipated fall 2018 releases!

Hello everyone and happy fall!! A new season is upon us and that means new books are coming out! Here are my most anticipated releases of this fall!!