Book Haul 2018 - No. 2!

I haven't posted a book haul for a really really really long time and I have many books to show you! However I decided to create this series and divide them so we can also talk about them a bit too!
For part one click here!
Re-visiting my part one book haul... I have still only read the Norse Mythology and All The Light We Cannot See but still haven't posted those reviews!! Sorry....!!

Moving on with the next 5 books!

6. "'Eρωτας σε λάθος χρόνο" (literally translates as "Love at the Wrong Time") by Chrysiida Dimoulidou

This is a greek book by a famous author that mostly writes crime and love adult novels. I have read many of her books that I really liked so when I found that one on sale and signed I couldn't resist! I haven't read that yet but one of her best-sellers is translated in english with the title "The Crossing Souls". It is an amazing book!!!! I totally recommend it for romance-seekers! I couldn't get this story out of my mind for a really long time and I still remember everything about it! 

7. Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings

I have read, enjoyed and reviewed that book! It was one of my most anticipated 2018 book releases and it did not disappoint me! I rated it with 4 stars! Click on the title to learn more about it!!

8. Sightwitch by Susan Dennard

Another BIG 2018 release that I wanted so bad!!! A 5 star read! So fun and cute read! I loved it so much, even though I was waiting for Bloodwitch to be released this year. Eridysi's story was soooo interesting!!! I can't wait to see how they will connect this book to the next installments of the Witchlands novels.

9. Victoria by  Daisy Goodwin

I haven't read this book but if you have read any posts of mine, you will probably have read that I am obsessed with the tv series! I save this book to read it when I get desperate for season 3 and need a bit of Alfred in my life! More desperate I mean, since I really miss that series SO MUCH!!

And the last book for part 2

10. The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory

One of my most favorite authors. One of my most favorite series. The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels. Book no 10. It follows the events of The Other Boleyn Girl but you could also read all of those books in any order you like as they follow different main characters. I haven't posted the reviews of books no 8 - Three Sisters Three Queens -  and 9 - The Other Boleyn Girl -  yet, but you could read about book no 7 - The King's Curse -  for a taste! Another 5 star read!

Of course I have many more books to show you so stay tuned for parts 3, 4 and 5! At least... hahahah!!!

Have you read any of those books? Waiting for your comments!
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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