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2018 Book haul no6! The last of 2018!!!

I had warned you this was coming!!!!! I have also posted parts  1  ,  2 ,  3  ,  4  and 5 if you are interested or looking for books!

December favs and wrap up + January TBR!

Better late than never.... Am I right? Let's do this!!!

Top 5 authors I discovered in 2018

Every year I share my top 5 authors that I have "discovered" in said year. So here is my 2018 list! Visit also my posts here and here to see the whole list of the authors that I discovered in 2018 and come back to see who made it to the top5! (Previous years: 2017 , 2016 , 2015 )

My year in books and My top ten books of 2018!

It was about time....!  This kind of posts are my favorite! It's all about my reading year so if you are interested keep reading!!! And if you are curious for previous years visit my post about 2017 , 2016 and 2015 !