2018 Book haul no6! The last of 2018!!!

I had warned you this was coming!!!!!

I have also posted parts 1 , 23 , 4 and 5 if you are interested or looking for books!

26. Shadow and Bone
27. Siege and Storm
28. Run and Rising

I bought the whole Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo in a beautiful box set! I can't believe I haven't read any of her books!!! They are all so famous!!! 2019 is the year people!!!!!! I got inspired to read her books since her newest release in the Grisha world came out this month and everyone is dying to read it!!! 

29. Queen of Air And Darkness by Cassandra Clare
Enough said!!!! This was actually a Christmas gift! They know me so well!!!!!! I haven't read it yet as I've been kind of "saving" it for later since I am sure it's going to be in the best of 2019 list! Truth is I'm going to read it next month.... I can't control myself any longer!!! 

30. Elantris by Brandon Saderson
2019 is the year I plan on reading the Cosmere series!!! Or start it as it consists of so many huge books that it will take me a lot of years to finish!!!! But I am so excited to finally start somewhere! I decided to start with Elantris as many believe it to be the least good book of him (but still great enough!) and it is also the first one that he wrote in this series!

So, in 2018 I bought/received 30 books!!! WOW!!! I have already read 17 of those so that's good... Right? Haha!!

See you next time!

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