Best tv series of 2018!

It is September again which means new a new tv season begins! Here are the top 10 tv series I watched on 2017! Mind you that I include ONLY the series that I am UP-TO-DATE!  Also, visit my 2017 tv series post to see what has changed and which new series I have added to this year's top 10! So many new entries!! Warning! This is a long post!!! 😂😂😂

This has been so difficult! Like picking your 5 favorite books! How is it even possible....???  So that I won't repeat myself later... I love all those 10 series and I highly recommend them on! So on...

No 10. The Big Bang Theory

The classic cute little comedy we all need in our lives! So sad that the next season will be the last! That means that the 12th season is going to be the final one and it airs on September  24th!

No 9. The Last Kingdom 

Vikings vs Saxons around 800-900 A.D.. There are already two season out and season 3 is supposed to air on Netflix later this year.

No 8. Knightfall (New Entry!!)

The story on Knight Templars during the 14th century! A really interesting series! Season 1 aired this year and season 2 will come out in late 2019... You have a long time to catch up on that!

No 7. Vikings

Lagertha is my Queen! Half of season 5 aired this year and the other half returns on November 28th. As far as Ragnar's sons, I really like Bjorne and Ubbe and I hate Ivar! He is so selfish and arrogant! But I also admire the strength in him...! Ah.. tough choices! I hope Lagertha will survive his wrath! I am sure many more characters will die in this season too... Oh! And I almost forgot! I love the new Templar that appeared in this season.. You know I am talking about Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Bishop Heahmund! I ship him with Lagertha....!😉

No 6. Supernatural

This is the ONLY exclusion to my rule! I haven't watched all of the episodes yet (that's because I am obsessed with Netflix now and it's not on Netflix...!). But I have only a few left... This is an all time classic series! This year aired season 13! 13!!!! And my favorite episode was Scoobynatural! So much fun!!!!!! Sam and Dean... You have kept me company for 10 years now and I love you SO MUCH!!!! ( I had watched the first three seasons in a weekend! I had lots of free time back then...hahaha) It is funny because 10 years ago I was more into Sam but now I prefer Dean... I don't know when exactly my taste changed.. ahaha!! Which bro do you prefer?
Season 14 airs October 11th!

Honorable mentions!!!
Before moving to top 5 let me include some series that did not make it to this list!
Taboo - Starring Tom Hardy! 'nough said!
Timeless - Just not as good as season 1. Sad that it got cancelled...
Friends - actually this is not on my list because it has been concluded many years before! Otherwise it would have been on no1! I am currently on season 8 and I started watching it this spring!
Peaky Blinders - I am currently on season 2! Loving it! So many good actors in the same series!
Shadowhunters - I actually watched all episodes but did not make it to my top 10! Next season is also going to be the last one!

No 5. The Gifted (New Entry!!)

Season 1 aired this year and got me hooked! If you love x-men, heroes, superpowers this is your series as well! And it also helped that Blair Redford as John is bae!😍😍😍😍 
Season 2 airs September 25th! OMG! It was about time!

No 4. Riverdale (New Entry!!)

My latest obsession! I started watching it this year...Actually, I watched both seasons in less than three weeks!! My favorite character is definitely Jughead but all four of the main group and side characters are 🔥🔥🔥! I have waited long enough for season 3 which airs on October 10th. It seems so far awayyyyyy.......

No 3. Victoria (New Entry!!)

I didn't expect to love that series so much! Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are AMAZING! They are such a cute couple! I loved this series so much that I have bought the book too! The book is written by Daisy Goodwin who is also the creator of the series! It is not yet known when season 3 will air but I hope to be soon! 
P.S. If you are familiar with the history of Queen Victoria you probably now that...

No 2. Outlander

That series....oh! Season 3 aired this year! So many feelings! I still believe that the first one was the best season so far but this one is really good too! I am currently reading Voyager by Diana Gabaldon and re-living those amazing moments! 😍 Historical fiction, Scotland, time-travels and love! What more?
Season 4 airs on November 4th! My sweet November....

No 1. That one was the easiest choice I had to make!

The Crown! (New Entry!!)

(Seeing a pattern here? All historical fiction type of series are on top of my list this year!)

I watched both seasons this years and got obsessed with the english royal family and its history! I hope that season 3 will air soon and that the new actors will not disappoint me! Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth and Matt Smith as Prince Edward made an excellent job! And Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret is my favorite!!! 😍

As it seems I am going to be really busy this fall-winter! Cheers!😀😎

Curious to see how IMDb actually rates my series? Click on the link to see all the series I watched on 2017 and their ranking there!

Which series do you watch? Tell me in the comments below!

*Series I love but haven't watched this year... Ooops!
The 100
The Magicians
The Originals
The Shannara chronicles

*Upcoming series I want to watch this year:
My all time favorite series. I hope this reboot will not disappoint me! 
Air date: October 14th 

A Discover Of Witches
A book to tv adaptation. Really curious about this one! I loved the book!
Air date: September 14th

Vampire Diaries + The Originals---> the next generation.

Game Of Thrones

That's all for now!
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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