My 2017 favorite tv series!

I love many series! And I watch many of them too! I have previously talked about different series that I watch but never dedicated a whole post! Well, it was about time to share my top 10 series of 2017! Let me tell you that it was really difficult narrowing down to 10 series and that as we get close to the top, they are not listed by preference because I equally love them! Especially the top 3 or top 5 or all... OMG this is hard! So, keep reading!

10. Shadowhunters
Many readers and fans of the Cassandra Clare's book series hate this show! And I can understand why! It has HUGE differences with the books! But...if you keep an open mind you can actually enjoy it! I watched each episode the day or the next one that it aired which really shows my dedication to the series. I love every character and I enjoy the different plot even though I admit that the books are way better... But for a young adult fantasy tv love love! Season 3 will probably start on January 2018.

9. Timeless
Timeless aired this year with 16 episodes. It was cancelled and then un-cancelled, so season 2 will happen!!! I really enjoyed this series and I was happy that it managed to get renewed for another season! I love time-travelling series so it is not a surprise that it made it to my list! A historian, a special-trained soldier and a scientist come together to stop a criminal who plans on altering the whole history of America. Time machines are real and each episode is a delight! It has really funny moments and I can't wait to see what happens next! Due to its delayed renewal season 2 will air on summer 2018. Better late than never! I hope numbers will be better this year and we will also have a third season!

8. The Last Kingdom
Uhrted is the son of a Saxon nobleman who was raised by Norsemen. He always finds himself between a kingdom that shares his ancestry and the people of his upbringing. It is a historical fiction series (my favorite genre) and has a LOT of adventure and politics of the 9th century. I totally recommend it! It also a book series by Bernard Cornwell. I haven't read the books but my younger brother is a huge fan of them! If you haven't watched it yet it's only two seasons with eight episodes each! Go go go!!! The sad thing is that we are going to see season 3 on 2019 if renewed as it is not yet announced for sure.

7. Vikings
Who hasn't heard of Ragnar and Lagertha? I believe that most of you are already familiar with the Vikings! It a also a historical fiction series based on Ragnar, a mythical Viking King who raided the british coasts and reached even Paris. It also has huge adventure and politics and the main characters are AWESOME!!!! It has already aired 4 seasons and season 5 will premiere on November 29, 2017. It is close!!!!

6. The Big Bang Theory
10 seasons and 231 episodes!!! One of my most loved comedy series out there! I really loved Friends and How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory came to fill the spot as I started watching it only 3 years ago!!! Season 10 was really good and had a lot of funny moments! I remember laughing out loud on my own so many times! And that cliffhanger! My favorite character is Sheldon - who else? Season 11 is premiering on September 25th 2017! Just a few more days!!!!!!!!

Honourable mentions!
Before we move on to the last five series of my top 10 let me mention some series that I also enjoyed this year!

-The Vampire Diaries and The Originals
I love a good vampire story! I started watching them many many years ago and loved them! It was a nice ride and I am happy that The Vampire Diaries concluded with a bitter-sweet ending... I am currently watching season 4 of the Originals as I didn't watch it the time it aired and season 5 will be the last as I have heard.

- Lucifer
Another series I love! I thought many times taking out a series of 10 to 6 spots and replace it with this one but I was not sure... I even thought to rename it to mu top 11 series just to include this one! Season 2 was really good and season 3 airs on October 2nd 2017!

And many many more but let's continue with the top5!

5. The 100
Even though I am not the biggest fan of sci-fi or dystopian, I really love this series! To be honest, I hadn't watched any of this year's episodes when they aired and I watched it last month in only three days! The whole season! I got soooo obsessed! It was really good and I even stayed awake a whole night to figure out what would happen! I kept saying one more episode!!! I have a love-hate relationship with most of the characters. I love them for their loyalty and strength but they also make bad decisions sometimes which is absolutely normal and I respect this series for that reason so much! My favorite character is always Octavia! SEason 5 will air on early 2018! You have plenty of time to watch the previous 58 episodes! 

4. Supernatural
A huge success of 12 continuous seasons!!! Who doesn't already know of Sam and Dean? The two brothers that made it a family business to hunt monsters throughout almost all the states of USA! They also have an angel in their side, Castiel. This is the only series that I kept watching for so many years with the same excitement!! I remember watching it ten (TEN?!?!?!) years ago, when I really liked Sam and when I grew up a bit more and till now Dean is my man! Hahaha!!! Castiel is pretty legit too, and waaay funny! Which team are you???? One of scariest episodes even for me was Bloody Mary from the very first season (episode 5). I was really new to this kind of series and I watched it pretty late at night and got me really scared! Hahaha!!! Season 13 airs on October 12th 2017!

3. White Princess
After watching and loving "The White Queen", I kept waiting for years for its sequel book to be transferred on tv too!!! This was my most anticipated series of the year!! It is only an eight episodes mini-series but it is really worth your time! The plot, even being a little different than books is very good, the costumes beautiful and the actors amazing! Kat Stark from Game of Thrones even plays King Henry's mother! After the end of the War of the Roses, Elizabeth has to marry Henry, the victor of the battle of Bosworth, the one who killed King Richard III who was Elizabeth's lover... Elizabeth has to marry her enemy in order to keep her country at peace! However ghosts of her past appear and she has to choose between the family she came from and the family that she has now created with Henry. Watch it now!!!!! Another historical fiction series, based on Philippa Gregory's novel! I also have a full book review here!!

2. Outlander
I've been speaking about this series, both book and tv, sooo much I have already probably bored you to death! So I won't say more! You could check my review about Outlander and season 1 here
Dragonfly In Amber and season 2 here, and season's 3 first episode here!! 
P.S. Jamie is mine!!!

1. Game of Thrones
I have contemplating whether to put GoT or Outlander as my number 1 pick, but the truth is that the last season of GoT was indescribable!!!!! The cast? The plot? The characters? the graphics? The DRAGONS? The battles? The Starks? Truths revealed? 
I am huge fan of both House Stark and House Targaryen! And as expected my favorite character is John Snow!!!! I also am a huge fan of a Lannister soldier..... hahahah.... He sings Shape of You if you are wondering!!
I can't believe that we have to wait for more than a year for the next season which will also be the last........!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
Which house do you support and who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne???? I can't decide between John and Daenerys! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

That's all for now!
Please share with me your favorite tv series!!!
I am also open to recommendations! 
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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