Outlander talk - S03E02

Let's talk about the second episode of Outlander's season 3! Be careful!!! It is full of spoilers!!!

Jamie is a wanted man! Redcoats are looking for him and imprison Ian to make him talk. Jamie is known as Red Jamie or Dumbonnet and he is hiding in a cave near Lallybroch... He is in such a pain and grief for Claire, my heart ached for him...

It is now forbidden for any Scott to have weapons, so when young Fergus and little Jamie find a pistol they want to know how to shoot! And when a black raven appears on the roof while Jenny is giving birth, Fergus shoot it so that the newborn won't die as ravens are the messengers of death. British redcoats hear the shooting and arrive again in Lallybroch. 

When Ian returns, Fergus taunts the Redcoats (who are actually Scots) and he is left in the woods with his hand cut completely!!! OMG! I couldn't believe that they actually chop off the hand of a young boy!!!!! 
Even though Jamie is watching the whole scene he only intervenes after the soldiers leave and save young Fergus due to the things that he learned from Claire. He then decided to have Jenny turn him in so that his family will finally be safe and becomes a prisoner once more..... Also... he did have sex with another woman...! It was only physical and a way to mend his broken heart before he gets imprisoned... 😢😢

At the same time Claire is getting used to her new life but not without struggles... Jamie's ghost is always between Claire and Frank. Things are not good between them... they even sleep in different beds...! Poor Frank... He doesn't deserve that kind of a relationship! Claire also goes to college to become a doctor! Healing always made her feel like she was a part of something greater than herself. A woman and a black man in college are a tamboo and it isn't going to be easy!

I felt so bad for both jamie and Frank! I know Claire has a lot to deal with too but those two men ....ahhh... I have no words! Brianna is a really cute red haired baby and I can't wait for the adult Brianna to make an appearance! 
What did you think of that episode?
See you soon
xoxo Joan!


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