September Favorites

September is almost over and October is on its way!!! Time to wrap things up and share this month's favs!
You will notice that there is not a book in this month's favorites... because I didn't read any...😢😢😢 I am in a huge reading slump and I hope I will get over it soon because we only have three months to reach that Goodreads goal....!

1. Artist - Singer

Taylor Swift! I've listening to her new album every single day! Look What You Made Me Do and Ready For It are my favorite songs of this month! LWYMMD has an amazing music video too! And Taylor's choreography near the end is just AMAZING!!!!

2.TV Series 

Do I really have to tell you? You already know the answer! Outlander season 3!!
I am obsessed! I also have Outlander talks for every episode so let's fangirl there!!!

3. Memory

Athens Flying Week Festival!!! Check out my post for some beautiful photos!!!

4. Fitness

Running! Lately I've been running more often! It has become my new Sunday afternoon routine! You know... Cause it's Sunday Runday!!!!

5. Coffee

Actually this is an all time love! I drink coffee every single day and it is one of my best moments of the day! TOTAL OBSESSION!!! However, now that it is fall I started drinking hot coffee instead of iced and I really enjoy it so much more!!! 

Yey for October and Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!

What was your favorite book, things, memories whatever of September?  
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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