Outlander talk - s03e01

Hello guys! I was so excited watching the first episode of season 3 of Outlander that I really wanted to talk about it with you! This post contains spoilers so make sure to watch it and return to share your thoughts with me!!

OMG!!! I was on the edge of my seat during those first minutes while Jamie was reliving these battle scenes... I already knew he had survived the battle already, but I was still so anxious! And Black Jack Randall did die in this battle as Claire had predicted and he had been killed by Jamie! Revenge served..! On my previous post I wrote about how I liked that Rupert was still alive even though he was killed in the second book... Well he did not survive that much as it seems... 😭 And Jamie did manage to be spared by the shootings due to the debt John William Grey owed him. He is then returned to Lallybroch. I hope we get to see Fergus soon enough and find out if Murtaugh also survived!! *fingers crossed*

And Claire... she is a survivor to say the least! After making that deal with Frank when she returned back to her time, she did bury the past (or tried hard to do it) and moved forward! In the first book, and also the first scene of the first episode, I remember her saying that she always wanted to own a vase but, she never had a home. Now, she has finally a real home in Boston, and all she wants is a new beginning! She even thinks applying for the american citizenship! Her relationship with Frank, however, seems to struggle. She won't let him touch her and she is rather distant. Frank even writes a letter to the Reverend to ask him make a research to find out if Jamie Fraser  survived the battle of Culloden. We don't get to see if she sent that letter as Claire goes to delivery at the same time and gives birth to a beautiful girl with red hair. Watching her baby girl and Frank weeping from Joy is what makes her realise that the past is in the past and that is a new beginning for the three of them... 

Let me talk a bit about Frank too! I believe that he is a gentle and loving husband. He accepted Claire back after being absent for three years and pregnant to another man's child, and he is doing everything to make sure Claire is happy again! 

Before I end this post... Isn't their apartment in Boston cute? I loved every detail! 

So that's it for the first episode of season 3!
What did you think????
See you soon,
xoxo Joan!

* I also updated my previous post and added the star rating and my favorite quotes of Dragonfly In Amber for those interested!!

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