Edinburgh Heir by Alisha Klapheke - book review

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This is the second book in The Edinburgh Seer book series by Alisha Klapheke! Make sure to buy the whole trilogy from Amazon for only $1.23 before it's too late! Also, go read my review here of the first book and then come back here to discuss with me the second book!

This review contains spoilers of the first one, so be careful!

This is another 2018 book release from January! And the third book (Edinbugh Fate) came out in March so it is the best time to dive in this alternate yet modern Scotland and join the Dionadair and the rebellion! 

Thane is the Heir of the throne of Scotland!!! WHAT?? Oh yes! I was so glad of this turn of events! And now he, Aini - our Seer- , Myles and Neve are trying to get organized and plan their next step, in order to stop Nathair and face the false king.

I loved how much Aini's character grew in this novel! And Thane's too! Aini learnt that some rules are meant to be broken and Thane learnt that the family in which you grow up does not define you for the rest of your life! His destiny is his to create and follow!

Myles has the same awesome humor that makes me like him sooo much! 

It is quite a short read and fun too! It is  also so cute to watch the romance between Aini and Thane. It is not at all a great part of the novel as so many things take place and we are in the middle of war actually, but it is still burning in the background! I ship them so hard! I really want them to be together.... Aini would be Queen of Scoltland! WOW! I dig it! 👍😍

I rated this book with 4 stars! And I can't wait to read the finale!

My favorite quote is this one:

When someone has been brainwashed, it’s nearly impossible to persuade them of anything that contradicts what they’ve been taught. Look at what I’ve done in my life. But I’m no fool. And I do have a soul. A heart.

I hope this series will get the attention that deserves! Because we need some fan art! There is none at the moment! 😅

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Magical candy. Prophecies. Sixth senses.
Fate has chosen Aini and Thane, but will their unique talents be enough to battle the violent enemies who know them so well?
Join the rebellion today and experience the unique magic, burning romance, and powerful continuation of the Edinburgh Seer series!


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