Exciting Fandom News!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!! The last few days I read some really exciting news and I wanted to share them with you in case you don't already now!!!
So read below and get excited too!!!!

I have three news that hit me yesterday one after the other!!!!

No 1

A new mini tv series is coming on starz.... "The Spanish Princess"


I was so happy with these news! You may have seen my love for historical fiction and especially Philippa's Gregory books and tv series adaptations! The Spanish Princess will follow last year's series The White Princess and will narrate the events from the book "The Constant Queen" and "The King's Curse" both by Philippa Gregory as well!

The cast will be different (the same happened with The White Queen and The White Princess cast as well), and soma actors have already been auditioned! Meet Catherine!

Below I will leave all the links of the blogs that I have written in the past to prepare you for this series:

About The White Princess tv mini-series here!
Book- reviews:
About the first four books of The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels (The White Queen mini-series consists of these books) visit the link here!

Also read about The White Princess,The Constant Princess and last but not least The King's Curse!

This year I am doing a series kind of marathon of this series (The Plantagenet and Tudor novels) so stay tuned for more reviews to come!
Any fans of Outlander will also love this tv series and books! The adaptations are one the best book to tv adaptations so far!

And other tv series recommendations in case you love those two are The Crown and Victoria! Make sure to leave a comment with your favorite historical fiction books and series as I would love to read/watch more of those!!!!!


No 2 

Sara J. Maas is publishing a brand new adult fantasy series!!!!

The new series is called Crescent City and will come out late 2019. Still pretty far but it's good news since her Throne of Glass series is concluding this year.

Check the synopsis as on Goodreads below:

Set in a world where humans struggle to survive amid intricate hierarchies of demons, shifters, angels, and countless other magical creatures, Crescent City tells the story of half-human, half-Sidhe Bryce Quinlan. After the brutal slaying of her best friend, Bryce joins forces with a powerful warrior-angel to hunt down the killer, leading them toward a treacherous enemy that could destroy the fabric of their world. The series will feature an array of captivating new characters, including a spitfire heroine who will stop at nothing to avenge her friend and protect her vibrant city, an epic world on the brink of war, and Maas’ signature heart-pounding romance.

Don't forget to check Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses too!

No 3

Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up are also publishing a new book called Balanced and Beautiful coming out this summer!
*I have already pre-ordered it!

Their previous book was full of motivation and lifestyle challenges plus workout and recipes and since I am a huge fan I couldn't not order their new book!

I ordered it from Book Depository with free shipping worldwide!
*not sponsored by the way

Check the summary:

Hey Gorgeous! 

Welcome to Tone It Up, a worldwide community of amazing girlfriends who support and encourage each other to live our happiest, healthiest lives. As women, we so often focus on others, but a balanced and beautiful life means prioritizing yourself so you can truly be the version of you. The best way to do that is by combining a nutritious diet, active lifestyle, and most importantly, by spreading positivity and boosting each other up. Whether you're sharing workouts or wine, female friendship is so important-plus it makes fitness a lot more fun! 

BALANCED AND BEAUTIFUL is a guide to focusing on the amazing woman that is you, with a 5-day plan to Refresh, Motivate, Inspire, Energize, and last but not least, Relax. Filled with daily fitness routines, delicious recipes, wisdom to transform your mindset, and all the love and advice of the TIU community, Karena and Katrina make it easier than ever to reach your goals and feel great. Each day, you'll find tips and advice for every aspect of your journey, told through fun and fascinating stories and secrets that will be like having your best girlfriend along for the ride. Throughout these pages, you'll feel empowered, uplifted, and connected-with the entire TIU community behind you, cheering you on towards your most confident, centered self. 

Ready to reset? Feeling BALANCED AND BEAUTIFUL is only 5 days away!

 That's all for now guys! Let me know if any other exciting news are out!
Have an awesome weekend!
xoxo Joan!


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