The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

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Hello everyone! Joan here!!

This month I finished reading The Rapture by Lauren Kate and by so I finished the Fallen Series.

It took me almost a year!!! Even though I liked the first book, the second one was not good, for me at least... I pressed myself into reading it and it was literally a torture! I can say that the third one was my favorite and the last one was really interesting! The main two characters of the series is Lucinda Price (a mortal girl) and Daniel Grigori (an angel and immortal) who fall in love and try to be together... The problem is that this kind of story keeps happening for many years now and stops there! Each time they find each other, they fell in love and then mysteriously Luce dies and Daniel is left alone waiting to meet her next reincarnation and start over again hoping for a better ending!
At first it was really interesting reading about angels! It was something new considering the majority of books talking about vampires! But in the second book the plot became too slow and kind of boring... I was glad I kept reading though!! In the third book, which was my favorite, we learn a lot about the relationship between the two main characters throughout the ages and in the ending something really interesting happens!! Can't tell you though...!!! Hahaha!!! 

Fallen-Torment-Passion and Rapture are the main books of the series. But Fallen In Love is a Fallen Novella including Valentine's Day little stories between the couples of the Fallen Series! It was the first one I read and I liked it so I then started reading the whole series!!! 
Have you heard that it's gonna be a movie????? Can't wait!!!

Also heard that a new book is coming to complete the series! It will be called Unforgiven and it's about Cam's story! we have to wait till November though!!
Have you read the Fallen Series?
I want to know your opinion!!!


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