Bikini Series Update (Week 2)- PM challenge! - Motivation Monday!!

Hello beachbabes!! Happy Monday!!

Sooo week 2 has already started and I love it!! Last week was so crazy for me that I couldn't keep up with it but that is going to change!! 
Did you wake up for your bootycall??? 
I still struggle sometimes!! Haven't found yet the ultimate motive to wake up!! I usually hit the snooze button more than 3 times before getting up from bed!! That's why I set my alarm half an hour earlier than the time I want to get up... :-(  
Well... I'm determined to make every second count! As the weather gets warmer my mood is also better and by so I feel more confident!! Does the sunny weather help you too?
I woke up and run a 5k after a long time...

My goal is to run it in less than 30 minutes!!!!
Today I also did the Beach Bombshell Workout from Beach Babe DVD 3 for the first time! What a killer!!! I loved every move of it!! Recovered with my berry bliss bars and a glass of milk!! It was the first time trying them and I loved them!!
Today's PM challenge was to journal about the coming week and write down the best outcome in every area of our lives!! So let's work hard this week!! Let's all enjoy spring and get ready for summer having fun!!!


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