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This is how it all started!!!!

Harry Potter series in greek edition by Psichogios publications

 I think I was 11 when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone fell on my hands!! Instant love!! Magic was always my weakness!!!! I've always been reading books but Harry Potter made me a bibliophile!! 

J.K.Rowling is an amazing author!! I loved how the first book was clearly for children but her writing style kind of followed Harry's age. I literally grew up with Harry Potter! I am now 25 and still in love with all magic!!

I loved each and every book of the series but my favorite was the prisoner of Azkaban!!! It was soooo cool to learn all that stuff about Harry's parents and their past... It made me wish there was a prequel book!!!

I won't get in any detail as I believe that everyone is familiar to the story! I have also seen all movies and I loved them!

My favorite characters were obviously Harry,Ron and Hermione but I also loved Sirious, Lupin and Tonks!!!
My least favorite ones were Bellatrix Lestrange and Dolores Umbridge. I could say that I hated Dolores more than Voldemort! How is this possible????

After reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince I couldn't wait for the last book to arrive! I was so impatient that when it was released in english I bought an english edition and later bought the greek one too!

What books are you interested in? 
Which book was your first love?

Till next time....


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