Mortal Instruments #1 City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

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Hello everyone!!!

Well it was about time to start reading the mortal instruments!

I saw the movie last year and Ι liked it sooo... here I am!! Just finished reading the first book "City Of Bones" and already started "City Of Ashes"!!
If you haven't read it yet or watched the movie, the story is about a young girl, Clary Frey, who tries to find her mother who was kidnapped. In her aid are her best friend Simon and the mysterious Shadowhunter Jace. Shadowhunters are half human- half angel hybrids who hunt down demons. In the meantime she finds out many things about her past and her own self that she never had imagined. It is a book full of adventure, humor, romance and fantasy! 

Everyone will love it!! I totally recommend it!!
All the characters of this book are well developed  and the storyline keeps you interested all the way long. Even if I liked the movie I can now understand why it was not such a success... It was impossible to put that much information in only an hour and a half!! However I loved the cast! Clary and Jace were really good and I believe that  Joanthan Rhys Meyers and Lena Headey were the ideal actors for Valentine and Jocelyn!

Also the movie had BIG differences with the book, and I totally prefer the book!!! It would be so much better if they would stick to the story!! However I am so excited that there is going to be a tv series named "shadowhunters"!! I hope they will keep the details and I would prefer they start the story from the beginning and not to be a continue to the movie! There will not be the same cast too, but Jace Wayland will be played by   which I also like from the Vampire Academy (there will not be movie #2 too :( -why this keeps happening??) where he played Christian Ozera! 

The other cast in not yet known but let's hope for the best!! 
On to "City Of Ashes" now!!
-greek edition-

Did you see that I created  a fan bookmark with Jace?? 
Sorry guys!!! Hahahaha!!!
I had to!!!

Let your comment with your opinion!!!
Till next time...


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