Meet my trainers!

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Hey there!! 
Let's start with fitness!! :)
I try working out about 5 days a week!! However this is not always possible because... you know!! Life gets in the middle sometimes!! Hahaha Also I'm a nurse and working all these weird time shifts can sometimes make it even more difficult!! 

Gym classes and outside run

 I totally love group classes in my gym and running outside (especially during spring and summer because you get an extra tan!!). I have a beautiful park close to my house which inspires me to workout!!! 

Tone it up

I really became dedicated to fitness when I found Karena and Katrina! I'm a proud toneitup girl for exactly one year!!!  Check their website!!

I'm soooo excited for the #bikiniseries2015!!! It's an 8 week  fitness challenge to get ready for summer!!! I'm definitely taking part so if anyone also participates just let me know!!!! Accountability partners are always welcome!!!!! 

Bikini series starts in only 11 days!!!! yeahhh!!!! :)
Shape magazine this month  also had a workout created from K&K to jump start your bikini body!! Ah-mazing!!!

I really like blogilates and rlhealthy team, too! Cassey Ho and Rebecca Louise are both really inspirational and motivational women!! Check their websites in the links below!!

What about you??? What do you do in order to stay healthy in body???
Till the next post... Goodbye!!!


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