Hot Body Year Round by Cassey Ho!!!

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Finally is THAT time of the year!

I'm sooooo excited that "Hot Body Year Round" was finally released today!!! 

As you know I really like +blogilates and love the energy that Cassey Ho puts in every video she creates!! Her motivation is admirable and her workouts are total killers! So when I learned from a friend that she was releasing her first book I pre-ordered it the same day! (I'll receive the blogilates bag too! Yeahhh!) I ordered the kindle edition because I live in Greece and couldn't wait to have it on my hands than waiting for it to be shipped to me!! But seeing all these colors in the book pages I kind of regretted it! :'( Hope it will arrive soon in greek bookstores!

The main chapters of this book are seasons! Each one contains workouts with detailed inspirational photos, recipes using in-season ingredients and meal-plans!I really loved fall and winter photos! Cassey makes you fall in love with every season and has different things to wait for in each one!!
 Workouts are easily done everywhere as there is no gear needed! So no excuses guys!! 
As I am travelling for a 5 days vacation, "Hot Body Year Round" is the perfect workout guide to have in my phone! Can't wait to dig into spring workouts and try the recipes!
What is your opinion? What will be your first workout and your first recipe?
Till next time....


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