Divergent Book #1

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Hey guys!! Joan here!!!

During my spring break I also read the first book of the Divergent series! The last days of my spring break were amazing!!! Sun was shining and all the flowers started to blossom!!! I love this time of the year!!!

Firstly, I saw the movie and then I learned that it was based on a trilogy!!!

Summary: World is divided in 5 factions. Each one has a different lifestyle and different responsibilities inside the community. Those are;  Abnegation the selfless, Dauntless the brave, Erudite the intelligent, Candor the honest, and Amity the peaceful. All 16-year-old children, including the main character Beatrice Prior, are called to decide where to live. Beatrice was raised in the Abnegation faction but feels like she doesn't belong there, so she takes the risk to leave her family and chooses the Dauntless faction.
 In her new life, she makes friends and foes,finds romance, takes risks and faces danger in ways she never thought she was capable of!

I REALLY enjoyed this book!!! I read it in just two days!! 
Veronica Roth is a great author who knows how to create an amazing story!! I can't wait to read the next ones as I am so curious about what is going to happen!!

When I was in Messolonghi I loved reading in our yard and feeling the warmth of the sun!! Can't wait for those long summer days when I'll read on the beach....
Till next time...


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