Bikini Series is Here!!!!


The first official day of bikini series is finally here!!!! 

I kind of took a break last week during my spring break but now I'm totally ready to rock this challenge!! In front of us lie 8 weeks full of amazing workouts and recipes! Have you received the 8 week meal plan? I totally love it! And literally I can't wait for the tone it up book to arrive!! 

I returned back home this very morning and the first thing to do was to organise my week and squeeze my workouts in the day! My suitcase still is on the floor... Has anything like this ever happened to you too????
 As I will be back to work tomorrow I love having everything planned and in order! Just like every tiugirl I suppose! I sadly don't own the tiujournal but I equally love creating my own personal one where I write my goals for the day write down each day's workout and keep track of my meals and water consumption!
Have you written down your goals for this year's bikini series???? Do so and commit!!

I love meal prepping listening to tone it up inspired music so I created a playlist on spotify with every tiu song and summer favorites! Check it out and tell me which one you want me to add!! (Search for me Ioanna Tsaprali or my playlist TIU REST DAY @joan.ts)
 I plan on keep posting updates of my journey towards summer! That's a simple way to check-in, stay motivated, hopefully motivate some of you and have fun! Hope you're interesting!! Below are my version of tiu stickers for my planner!! Feel free to use them as you like!!! They are inspired from this week's workouts and pm challenges!

 I also created printables (printer friendly!!) for the #100bysummer cardio challenge!

Have an amazing week beachbabes!!
Till next time.......
                Goodbye and work hard!!!


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