Earth and Sky by Megan Crewe

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Hey guys!!!

This month,during my spring break, I bought from Amazon a copy of Earth and Sky by Megan Crewe, the e-book edition! 

Let me tell you... I generally don't like e-books! I 100% prefer a real book to hold in your hands, but when you want to read a lot of books and you don't have the budget to afford them, an e-book is a good solution! But reading an e-book has some advantages I hadn't discovered before!! First of all I could read everywhere without having to carry my book! I could also read easily at night as my mobile is less heavy than my book and didn't need extra light!!
 I kind of read it because I was influenced by Sasha Alsberg! She was reading this book too this month and thought why not? Even though I am not a great fan of aliens I trust her as far as reading is concerned! I also love Scotland since I was a little girl (don't know how this is possible but I could blame Disney for promoting castle-life and Google images for providing such amazing photos of Scottish castles and landscapes! ) and I am a huge fan of Outlander... Jamie Fraser... Men in kilts... All that kind of stuff!!! If you don't know her, she is a booktuber known as abookutopia! 
Hey.... back to our topic!! Earth and Sky!! That's the one!!!

I really liked this book!! It' beacuse I like time-travelling... it's my weak spot (except from Scotland... and witches!!).

Let me explain myself! So.. there is a girl named Skylar having these weird feelings that something is wrong... when actually there is nothing wrong! Or more accurately nothing seems to be wrong! Then Win appears ,a guy from another planet and reveals that in reality alien have control of the planet Earth and use Earthlings for social experimenting. Only she can help him to restore freedom on Earth! And they begin a journey in different places and time periods in order to succeed their cause!

I enjoyed reading this book! Even though it didn't draw me from the beginning I liked it! As the story continuous it gets more and more interested and at some point you are astonished by the turn of events!

So I couldn't help but pre-ordering the second one coming out this May!! The book covers are AMAZING!!!! I wish some day to own the hardcover editions too!!! It is a trilogy actually, so there are going to be two more for sure!!
If you haven't read it I recommend you to do it!!
You will not regret it!!
Can you imagine it being a movie??? That would be awesome!!!
Till next time....


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