King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard

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 Last month I read King's Cage, the third installment in the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard! Make sure to read the first two books before reading this spoiler-free review!

 This book starts exactly where Glass Sword left off... Mare is Maven's prisoner in order to save her friends. Maven puts her on display for all Norta to see that the lightning girl is being "saved" from the Scarlet Guard!

The world of this book is already familiar and we finally have a map!!! I love maps in books!!! Anyone else???

The characters are also familiar from the previous books, but the growth in this particular novel is huge in my opinion! In Glass Sword I was, most of the time, so angry with the characters and especially with Mare! 😡I found myself grow so apart from her, but in this novel I could finally connect with her again! It is also written in different points of views which I really like in books!! And you won't get any confused because it is written in every chapter the character who is narrating the story. I also REALLY enjoyed that we get to see Maven more often... I know he is the bad guy but it gave a new perspective following both Scarlet Guard and Maven at the same time instead of just the rebels like in the second book!



Cal... let me just say that I totally understand him... his world changed completely since Red Queen and he's doing really great things so far... but being unable to truly choose a side haunts him still! I never expected to be surprised by Evangeline though..! She plays a great part in this novel and I am sure that she will be a great part in the fourth book too! 
Farley is here still! I really love her character, especially after reading the Cruel Crown. One of the narrators is also Cameron, a young recruit of Scarlet Guard with the silence ability, who actually gave an objective point of view in all the events.I liked her fierce character.
Fun fact: I had totally forgotten that there would be a fourth book!!! 🙈I thought this was the last one!😅 And when I was about to finish King's Cage I was thinking OMG! How is everything going to wrap up in just 50 pages??? And then I went on Goodreads and I was actually relieved because I really want to see where all this is going in the end!!! To tell you the truth I was a bit disappointed by Glass Sword and I had little expectations of this book but I was nicely surprised and I am excited for the next one as well! 
Let me warn you... huge cliffhanger!!! I don't believe that I have to wait for another year..... AGAIN!!!!!

I gave this book 4/5  RED AS THE DAWN stars. 😂

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Now I'm in a king's cage. But so is he. My chains are Silent Stone. His is the crown.” 

Not a god’s chosen, but a god’s cursed. That’s what we all are.”

“There are pieces of me, small pieces, still in love with a fiction.”

“You aren’t alone.” The hope in his eyes cuts deeply. “You have your crown.”

That's all for now! I recommend this book to fantasy - dystopian lovers! 
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See you soon! 
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  1. Since you advised to not read this review before I read the first two books, I went to read your review on the Red Queen and admire the photos from this post. Great photos! ;)


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