Fitness Friday: 5 fitness- related things to do this spring!!!!

Today I have something different for you!!!! Welcome to my first Fitness Friday! Spring is here! Which also means that summer is pretty close!! And I know we all want to feel confident on the beach! You have probably heard that summer bodies are built in winter, but spring is not that late either!!! Here are 5 things that I put in my planner for this spring!

5. Plan your workouts!

Depending on how busy my week is going to be I try to fit in some gym classes I want to attend or plan which days I will do my workouts at home. In general I follow the weekly fitness schedule that is posted each Sunday by Tone It Up. Karena and Katrina are really motivating and their dvds are amazing! They also have free videos posted on youtube as well!

4. Try different routines!

I hate routine in fitness! Doing the same things over and over again make me loose my motivation! So, I try to change things up! I attend different gym classes, other days I prefer working out at home and now that the weather is warmer I like going outdoors for running or for long walks. Some days I do intense training (HIIT) and others I prefer yoga or pilates. Don't be afraid to try a new sport! You may find your next passion!

3. Drink more water!

This is something I've been struggling with since I remember myself! I always forget to drink water! I am trying to have a water bottle in my office at home and while working so that I will be reminded to drink it! Proper hydration beats fatigue and weight gain and also cleanses our body and makes our skin glow!! What other reason do we need?

4. Proper nutrition!

This season try to add more salads and fruit in your diet! There are so many delicious greens and fruit that are on season right now! They say that nutrition is 80% and exercise only 20% when you try to lose weight and become fit! 

5. Get inspired and motivated!!

Inspiration and motivation are probably the only things that will make you stay on track! We all struggle sometimes, but it's really important to remember why you started! New workout clothes, or a nice dress or even a cute bikini will be enough to make you wanna hit the gym!! Sunny weather also makes me more active, so try to make the most of sunny days if you're like me!! Every spring, I also look forward for the bikini series by tone it up! They are teh BEST way to reach those summer fitness goals! Almost any youtube fitness channel have a similar series so choose which one you like to join!

If you want to discuss any other fitness related topic just comment below!!! I would also love what things you are going to do this spring! Except of reading books - obviously!!! ­čść

See you soon!
xoxo Joan!

*All photos are from my instagram account.


  1. I wish spring to come back. Where I live, the Sun eloped with Spring and Winter took advantage of it. When it comes back I want to spend more time outside walking/running and watch the stars with my telescope.
    Great post!

    1. Thank you Elena! Stargazing is so fascinating! Unfortunately big city lights make them disappear but when I am in countryside I love that the sky is full of them!


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