The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead Book Review

The Glittering Court belongs to the Glittering Court trilogy. Each book is a stand-alone  historical fiction- fantasy novel. However in order to have a whole idea of the plot and its characters you have to read all three. The Glittering Court was published last year and the second book, Midnight Jewel comes out on May 1st (according to bookdepository as to this moment!) 

Our main heroines are Adelaide, Mira and Tamsin. And each of the three books follows one of the main characters during the same timeline.
The Glittering Court follows Adelaide, The Midnight Jewel follows Mira and I guess that the third one will follow Tamsin.

Let's talk about the first one now!

This book combines in a unique way fantasy with historical fiction. The world is imaginary but resembles a lot elizabethan England and its colonies in America.
The Glittering Court is a school for young ladies in order to "become" ladies and sent off to the new world to get married with eligible bachelors.

The main heroine of the first novel, is a well-fed lady of the high society of Osfrid. In order to get away from the marriage that will both save her fortune and legacy but destroy her life, she decides to take the place of her maid, Adelaide, in the Glittering Court. There she meets Mira and Tamsin and the true adventure begins! 

I admired how strong Adelaide is! She isn't afraid to give up with her old self and chase her dreams! Sure, she struggled a lot with the different challenges that she had to face but her determination was out of this world!!!! I wish I had some of that!!
Our side character, Cedric was pretty interesting too! He is a genuinely good man.

It was a quick and fun read! I liked it a lot but I would really love to see more world-building.  The story was beautiful and I really liked Adelaide as a character! The other two main characters are not quite developed, but that's because you have to read their side of the story! I am excited to read Mira's point of view in The Midnight Jewel and sed some light in some scenes that were not that clear! And as usual I really enjoyed Richelle Mead's writing style for being simple and to the point! Vampire Academy will always be one of my favorite series of all time!

I also admired how this story made me think that we make our own future and we don't have to follow the path that others indicate to us! Also we shouldn't be afraid to follow even the craziest of our dreams and something great will come out of this!

I rated this book with 3 out of 5 stars. Only because I want to have the whole story because rating it higher!!! đŸ˜†

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Do you think my being someone else's wife will change anything? Don't you know that I'd lie with you in the groves, under the light of the moon? That I'd defy the laws of gods and men for you?”

“Bad things are always going to happen,” my father had told me in his last year. “There’s no way to avoid that. Our control comes in how we face them. Do we let them crush us, making us despondent? Do we face them unflinchingly and endure the pain? Do we outsmart them?” 

“We’re all in charge of our own lives—and we have to live with the consequences of the choices we make.”

"Ready to meet your greatest admire?" he asked.
"I thought you were my greatest admirer."

I recommend it to anyone who want a quick, fun read with a beautiful romance and great friendships!
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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