Throne of Glass #5 - Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Empire of storms is the fifth book, and second to last, in The Throne Of Glass series by the amazing and really talented and one of my favorite authors Sarah J. Maas!
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The one word that could describe perfectly this book is MINDBLOWN! 😱
In this sequel we follow our main characters from the moment we left them in the ending of Queen of Shadows. Aelin and her court are arriving in Terassen but as it seems there are many things that need to be done for Aelin to be accepted as Queen. Elide is travelling north to find Celaena and give her the strange stone that Kaltain gave her to deliver before sacrificing herself in Morath. She also wants to find Aelin (she doesn't yet known they are the same person!) and follow her. Lorcan accompanies Elide to her journey as he want to find Aelin too. And Manon's story begins back to Morath, receiving orders by Duke Perrington.
In truth the story is much more complicated than this! There are so many well written characters in this series and I love that there is a huge cast and we get to know and follow all of them. Even though the first half of the book was somewhat slow, it gets really better later and the ending is indescribable!!This book is actually for adults as it contains mature content.

My only complaint is that Chaol is absent from the whole book.... 😭😭 Chaol is my favorite character and I really anticipated to read about his journey! I guess I now have to wait for another year! Even though I heard that there is going to be a novella based on Chaol and Nesryn's adventures! Already I know I'm going to love it! 😍

Now, let's talk a bit more about the characters!
I never expected to like Manon that much! I got really happy to see her grow into this amazing character! And Asterin has my total respect too! I loved to read her story though it made me sad... The parts of the book following Elide and Lorcan were my absolute favorite!!! If you told me in the beginning I could never expect they could even bare each other for more than a second! Elide turned to be even more braver than before and Lorcan showed us a completely different side of his!
Aelin and Rowan are definitely made for each other! I can now see that clearly, and the revelations in this book blown my mind!

As for Lysandra, Aedion and Dorian...  I can't say much without spoiling, just be sure that they aren't idle at all in this novel.

I definitely recommend this to those that have read the previous books and loved them and to all fantasy readers! Let's hope for an amazing finale this year even though when thinking about it I don't want for the series to end!

I gave this book 4.5 / 5 stars!

Some of my favorite quotes  are:

“I'd walk into the burning hell of heart itself to find you.” 

“But you know what I told them? I said that they didn't stand a chance in hell. Because I am going to marry you,” he promised her. “One day. I am going to marry you. I'll be generous and let you pick when, even if it's ten years from now. Or twenty. But one day, you are going to be my wife.” 

“You know, you ladies can let us males do things every now and then.”

“Lorcan reached out, grasping her chin and forcing her to look at him. Hopeless, bleak eyes met his. He brushed away a stray tear with his thumb. “I made a promise to protect you. I will not break it, Elide.”
“I will always find you,” he swore to her. 
Her throat bobbed. 
Lorcan whispered, “I promise.” 

“War is sanctioned murder, no matter what side you're on.” 

“Do not be afraid of what makes you shine brightly.” 

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xoxo Joan!

P.S. On October 2018, re-reading this for a second time I changed my rating to 5 stars!


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