Princess Ysabeau by Angelos Terzakis book review!

Hey guys!
I finally present to you a classic greek historical fiction novel written by the amazing Angelos Terzakis back in 1945! It takes place mostly in the beautiful city Kalamata (photo above). So, if you want to know more just keep reading!😍I believe this is the first time I write about a greek author, and that's weird because I am Greek and I read greek authors too! However this book has been translated in many languages, so you'll be able to find it and read it if you want to! ( However I found it in many forms and don't know which one is the correct; Princess Ysabeau or Isambo  or Isabeau... 😓)

This story follows two main characters. On the one hand we have a young man named Nikiforos who has to escape from his home town to save himself and whose fate intertwined with princess Isabella of Villehardouin, a true historical person who was princess of Achaia region of Greece) from 1289 to 1307. During that period Greece was not a free country and many others claimed different regions.

This novel was truly amazing!!!!! I ached so much for both characters!!! It is a beautiful story inspired by true events and the author's writing style was so poetic and fluent that really drawed me from the very first pages! It talks about so many important issues like freedom, chasing your destiny, love and friendship. It is full of medieval romance and chivalry and castles and all those stuff that I really really love in historical fiction novels. 

I highly recommend it to everyone who's attracted to that kind of literature and who want to read something beyond the usual! 

I rated this book with 5 stars as you may have imagined by now and I plan on reading more classic literature this year so stay tuned!

Unfortunately I cannot share with you my favorite quotes as they are in greek and translating them it is 100% sure that I will ruin its magic! Better leave that to the professionals translators out there!

Have you read any classic novel? Share them with me as I am really curious!
Have an amazing week everyone! I can't believe January flew by so quickly!
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


  1. Hi! I love this book and I am greek too, but I struggle to find translations in english or french to share with others. Would you happen to know where I can find it? thanks a lot! (ps I am based in N. America, but anywhere can work).


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