How to Rock 2017!

So... I hope it's not too late for a post like this! Most of people have already set their goals for 2017 but studies show that the majority of them don't really stick to their goals throughout the year! They lose their motivation and don't get inspired any more. Which is actually something I've been struggling with too! I've read many articles about achieving your goals and watched many videos too! So I would like to share with you the best advice I found useful.
*Note that there is no particular order!

1.Find the things you spend your time on. 

Many times we don't go after our goals because we think that we don't have enough time! And that's not true at all! Truth is if we want something badly, we would make time for it! Record your day! Find how much time you spent on social media or watching tv. Try to take the time you spent on things that don't matter to you and dedicate them to those that do matter. For example, I love watching series! I usually spent more than 3 hours! I found that instead of saying "I'll just watch an episode and workout later" I had to workout first and then dedicate the rest of my time to watching series... Because otherwise I would never get to workout! This way, I will spent less time in front of a screen and I will have already worked towards my goal to become fitter! Don't forget that you have as many hours a day as Beyonce! 

2.Love yourself.

This is so important but we usually forget to just love ourselves! It's not about being selfish, but being able to appreciate everything good in ourselves instead of always thinking about all the things we want to change in our lives. You workout not because you hate your body but because you love it. Dedicate every day an amount of time doing things you truly love, even if it's only for 30 minutes. Dance, sing, read books, drink your coffee in a nice place, have a bubble bath, cook something special, create a collage, paint... the possibilities are endless! Being able to spent some time doing something for just you is immensely important because if you don't learn to do things for you and love yourself why would anyone do it for you? This way you'll find the motivation and inspiration you need in your life!

3.Get out of your comfort zone.

Change is uncomfortable! I get it! But have you heard that change comes bearing gifts? True story! That's where all the magic happens! This creates the "good anxiety", the one you need to kick off and be more productive and creative. Try something new you wouldn't normally do! Try new sports, start a blog or a youtube channel, learn a musical instrument or a new language! Do something you've always wanted to do but felt strange or even made you feel afraid doing it! And that leads me to the next piece of advice.

4.Own it.

Act as if you already achieved your goals! Be bold and don't be afraid of failure! You didn't get that job you wanted? Keep looking! Who knows? You'll probably find a better one! You posted a video and it wasn't a success? Try again! The alphabet has as many letters as your chances! In Greece we have that saying; The one who insists, wins! As long as you don't give up, it doesn't count as failure. 

5.If you wait for perfect conditions you'll never get anything done!

That small sentence really changed everything for me! I am a huge procrastinator! I can find a million reasons not to do what needs to be done! Stop waiting for a really sunny day to go for a run! Stop waiting for this "right moment". Just do it!!! Chase your dreams right now because no one will do it for you!! DO IT!!

6.Set small goals every Sunday.

Make sure to re-read and re-evaluate your goals frequently! Choose a day throughout the week (I prefer Sundays!) and set mini-goals for the next 7 days (or choose your own time schedule) that will get you one step closer to your main goals! For example if you want to finish a certain project make sure to dedicate some hours a day towards that goal. Or if you want to eat healthier plan your meals, go grocery shopping and cook for the upcoming days. Use a journal and plan what you want to do and when!! 

7.Reward yourself but be smart doing it.

If you reached a goal or you're doing ok you could "reward" yourself! But be smart not to undermine them! For example if you have eaten pretty healthy for a few weeks don't have a 'free week' as a reward! Instead buy some new clothes and plan a fun night out to celebrate your results!

8.Inspiration - Visualization

Next, what really helps me is to make collages that really inspire me by using my favorite photos or quotes! I made this next to my goals page on my journal!

9. Find an accountability partner!

It really means a lot to have someone with the same goalas as you so you could push each other! It could me more than one too!! You could have your husband as your "eat healthy" buddy, and your best friend to attend yoga classes with! 

10. Don't Overstress! Have FUN!

No matter what, don't let your goals overwhelm you! Make a plan or strategy and just start! The most important part is to enjoy this journey and create beautiful memories throughout all year! So, apart from your main goals, whichever they are, don't forget to spend time with your favorite ones and have adventures! This year will also fly by like 2016 did and all that matters in the end is to actually be happy with ourselves and have a good time!!!

Which are your thoughts? How have you decided to spend this year? Please share your thoughts with me!!
See you soon!
xox Joan!


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