Wayfarer Book Review by Alexandra Bracken

Wayfarer is the second book to the Passenger duology. Make sure to read Passenger and then come back here for a spoiler-free book review of Wayfarer!

So, our story begins exactly where the first book left off. Etta has disappeared and Nicholas gets back in Nassau to meet with Rose, as planned. Or most accurately starts with a story about Rose Linden back in 1932 and then continues with our main characters, who they still have to find the astrolabe before Cyrus Ironwood and save the timeline.

Except following Etta and Nicholas we also get to learn more about Rose and her past, which was really interesting!! And we also learn more about the time travellers and how they gained their powers. Cool, right? It was weird reading a duology though! I think this might be the first duology I have ever read! It has tons of travels and action and less romance than Passenger.

And the ending was sooo good! The story wraps up so beautifully!
I really can't say more without spoiling mildly so I' ll stop right here!


I rated this book with 4/5 stars.

Some of my favorite quotes:

"Promises are for saints and losers. Most of the time we can't even keep the ones we make to ourselves".

"What's the value of my life if I sacrifice my soul?"

"Because one moment in life does not define a person," Li Min said. "Without mistakes and misjudgments we would stagnate. It is no shameful thing to be beaten when outnumbered, not when you were brave enough to try. Nor is a scar or injury something to despair over, for it is a mark that you were strong enough to survive."

"It was simple, but even simple plans were prone to unexpected disasters."

"We can live in the past, but we cannot dwell there."

"There's no pain more acute than words left unsaid, and business which can never be concluded-"

"If not now, then we'll have forever." 

"I love you," he told her softly. "Time can never steal that."

I recommend this to those like time-travelling, adventure books!
See you soon!
xoxo, Joan!


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