Truthwitch by Susan Dennard book review!

As a huge fan of both book series by Sarah J. Maas, it was about time to check out her best friend's books as well! The Witchlands is her new fantasy book series with 2 out of 3 books already published! This month I read the first one : Truthwitch! Continue reading for a non-spoiler review.

Our story takes place in the Witchlands witch reminds me of  a "different" Europe if you have seen the map! It is a world where magic exists in various ways. The empires in the Witchlands are in their last year of truce and everything is about to change.

Our main characters are two witches and best friends, Safiya and Iseult. Safi is a Truthwitch which means she can detect when someone's been lying. Her ability is very rare and said to be extinct, so she's hiding it as best as she can. Iseult is a Threadwitch, meaning she can see how people are feeling and other things that tie them together. The two girls get into trouble and adventure begins literally from page 1 till the end of this book! 

Their friendship is soooo amazing and so nicely described in this novel. They complement each other in a unique way! They are both strong and loyal to each other. There are so many scenes that made me lough out loud and I loved that!!!

There are a bunch of other characters too like Merik, whom I liked from the very beginning  and more complex characters like Aeduan, for whom I have really complex feelings. I wish I could talk about them a bit more because there are so many things I would like to say but also I don't want to spoil anything!

The plot was amazing! I have already fallen in love with the world, the characters and the story! I also liked that there was some romance too, but nothing so overwhelming or rushed.  I want so badly to read Windwitch (the second book) as soon as possible and thank goodness I don't have to wait for a year as usual happens! I have already ordered it and waiting for my copy to arrive!!

I rated this book with 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Some of my favorite quotes:

If you wanted to, Safiya, you could bend and shape the world.” 

“Where’s your hair?” she shouted. “And what happened to your arm?”
“Cut my hair and got shot with an arrow!” 
“Gods below, Iseult! A few hours away and your whole life tumbles through the hell-gates!”
“I might say the same to you,” Iseult shouted back—though it was getting hard to scream and ride. “Four opponents on your tail and a ruined dress!” 

“those who win wars are those who write history.”

“How is that for service? Do you know how many men onboard would kill for the use of a spoon?"
"And do you know," she retorted, "how many men I can kill with a spoon?”

“You’re chained up.” A wince pulled at Safi’s eyes. “I upset the Admiral.” “Of course you did.” “It’s not funny.”

I totally recommend this book to fantasy lovers and those who want some magic in their life!! If you also like the Throne of Glass series you will definitely enjoy this book as well!!!

See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


  1. I saw your review on Wind witch and I decided to not spoiler myself and read your review on Truthwitch instead. I try to make myself to read Truthwitch for a while now, let's hope your review provided that bit of courage I needed.
    Also, I nominated you for Seasons of Book Blogging Tag -->


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