Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard Book Review

Cruel Crown is a novella bind-up that contains two short stories, prequel to The Red Queen trilogy. Even if it is a prequel I hardly recommend to read the Red Queen first in order to get to know the characters and the world of these books. The third and last book of this trilogy - King's Cage - is coming out TOMORROW so hurry!!! 
Cruel crown consists of two stories.

First of all we have Queen Song.
This story briefly follows Queen Coriane from young age till her death. It was a really interesting story but so short. I would love to know more about her life and her marriage and how exactly the king changed. And I would really want to know about him marrying Elara after her death, and how his sons grew up... Is it too much? Probably I am overreacting but I really wanted more.

The second story, Steel Scars, is about Farley and her operation for the Scarlet Guard. We get to read more about her relationship with her father and we are there when she meets Shade. Like the first story, it was quite interesting but so short too!

I won't get into details about the word or the characters but if you want you could definitely check my reviews on both Red Queen and Glass Sword

I rated this book with 3.5 stars.

Favorite quotes from Queen Song:

“There is nothing so terrible as a story untold”

“A strange prince, an even stranger night, she wrote later. I don't know if I ever want to see him again. But he seemed lonely too. Should we not be lonely together?” 

“I am married to a prince who will one day be a king. Usually this is where the fairy tale ends. Stories don't go much further than this moment, and I fear there's a good reason for it. A sense of dread hung over today, a black cloud I still can't get rid of. It is an unease deep in the heart of me, feeding off my strength.”

Favorite quotes from Steel Scars:

“I'm Barrow. Shade Barrow. And you better not get me killed.”

“And you're late."
"I prefer chronologically challenged.”

Have you read this series yet?
"Kneel or bleed"
xoxo Joan


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