Edinburgh Seer by Alisha Klapheke - book review

Hey guys! New book review today! Edinburgh Seer! The first book in the Edinburgh Seer trilogy by Alisha Klapheke.
Goodreads summary:
A Seer, a spy, and the rebellion that will flip their world upside down. Outlander meets Mortal Instruments in this romantic fantasy set in a modern, alternate Scotland.

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As you may have predicted, when I read that this novel has elements from Outlander and Mortal Instruments I was so intrigued to read it! 
The element from Outlander that does exist in this novel, is that it takes place in Scotland. A different Scotland though... it may be in our timeline but there are still clans, and an evil English King and a secret rebellion. We also have a main female character, Aini, that has nothing to do with Claire from Outlander, but she is determined to bend the rules when people close to her are in danger. There is a beautiful Scottish lad, too, Thane, and Myles and Neve. The four of them are set into a beautiful adventure that it will take them through difficult paths.

The element from the Mortal Instruments that I recognized, is that there is a kind of magic present in the world. Those who possess this kind of magic are called six-sensers and it can manifest in different ways. Some, can dream of the future, others can talk to ghosts and more. And the great cast of characters is the other element. All four of them and the others that appear later are great characters with a fully-developed background.

The only thing that I wanted more of in this book, was the world-building. I started reading this book without knowing anything and I had a difficult time creating this kind of Scotland in my mind. I firstly imagined Aini in a vintage gown and then it said she wore leggings and my image completely changed! Hahaha!!! I wanted more details of how this king got the throne and how he rules England and Scotland, and how this affects our modern world.

And the cover is so beautiful too!

I rated this book with 3.5 stars.

Some of my favorite quotes/scenes:

Then a real voice, not a ghost’s, trailed through the tunnel. Thane’s heart tripped and he snagged Myles’s arm. “Grab a girl. Let’s see that snogging you’ve been going on about.” He pulled Aini to him and gave Neve a gentle shove toward Myles. “Apologies, girls. But we’re about to be caught.” Myles stuttered but eventually got out, “Ah. Gotcha.” He laid a kiss on Neve. Aini’s eyes widened as Thane drew her face close to his. He dragged his mouth along her soft neck and was pleased to see chill bumps bloom along her skin. “What are you doing?” she asked breathlessly, making Thane feel like he was floating and he never, ever wanted to come back down to earth. The stranger’s voice said, “That’s exactly what I wondered, lass.” It was a woman.

“Thane,” Myles said as they climbed the fence. “You are my hero. In fact,” he dug in his pocket, “I have twenty quid. Do you want it? I’ll give you anything. I fully support the usage of male sexiness in times of need. And you, my friend, are a master of the art.”

“Don’t let your idea of yourself rule you.”

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