A Sky Unbroken by Megan Crewe (Earth & Sky #3) book review

This is the third and final book in the Earth and Sky book series by Megan Crewe! Make sure to read about Earth & Sky as well as Clouded Sky and come back here to read about the finale!
*Only contains spoilers of the first two books!

First of all, all three covers are so beautiful! 😍😍
I own these books in their kindle form, but I would love to have the physical copies on my shelves too!

Now, let's move on the last novel! I can't believe it took me two years to read this book! I was "currently reading" it for two years!!!
The earth has been destroyed and only a few people from Earth have been saved and are now trapped on Kenya. Our story is about Skylar and the rest of her crew, trying to make the Kemyates respect them and treat them as equals, and at the same time move on and try to find a new home.

To be completely honest I did not like the finale that much... I did not like that earth was completely destroyed! It felt that I couldn't connect with the rest of the story as I would be dead too if I lived in this universe! I know that it is fiction but I would like to have a small piece to connect me with this fantastical world!
And that time-travelling fact that got me into reading this series does not exist at all at this point!

Skylar and Win....
Hmmm.... I so much preferred Skylar and Jules as a couple! Definitely the second book was my favorite of the series! I liked so much the chemistry between Skylar and Jules! Win is cool and I like him too... Skylar... not so much! Hahaha!! She is kind of annoying especially in the third book! 
Jules is still my favorite character! He has that mystery around him that makes him so interesting! 

I rated this book with 2/5 stars.

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