Bookish goals and Books I want to read in 2018!

Hey guys!
You are probably getting sick reading about 2018 goals... but to be honest these are my favorite posts to read or videos to watch! They inspire me to set goals and achieve them! So for today I have another post like this for you! And I promise it may be the last one.... or maybe not!!!😂😂😂

So, the first part of this post is about my bookish goals! 
I have set three main goals for 2018 as far as books are concerned!
 No 1 : Stop buying new books!! 

Except... (yes, I made a loophole here!) except for new books being published that are part of a series I am already reading! Ooooor books that I really really really want but I will have to have read every book I own from that author (if I have any!)
You see what I did here???? Hahaha!!!
So, I am allowed to buy Queen of Air and Darkness and Sightwitch as I have read the rest of the series but I can't buy the "Dark Tracks" by Philippa Gregory (yet!!!) because I have books by her that I haven't read! However, I could buy the new series by Evelyn Skye because I have read both Crown's Game and Crown's Fate that are on my shelves!
*I believe you got what I mean because writing it, I realized it is a quite complicated rule!

P.S. I have already violated that rule this month, (of course I would!), but I decided that it will be active from the day I post it on my blog! 😓 

No 2. Finish or catch up on half of my unfinished series! At least half of them...!

I had posted last year my unfinished series and actually I plan on finishing them this year! Ambitious goal!

No 3. Read half of my TBR list! Aka my unread books (physical copies on my shelves!) 

And if you are curious, yes I have set a Goodreads goals as well, to read 40 books but I believe the above goals cover this one too!

Now... about the books I want to read this year! There are some really excited new releases that I have talked about on my previous blog post (here!), but there are also a lot of books sitting already on my shelves!!!

No1. (Or No1 to No11 actually!!!)
'The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels' series by Philippa Gregory!

This series is consisted of 16 books and I have read the first five. So... I have 11 left and I have decided to read one each month, from January till November! I am actually on the last pages of 'The Constant Princess'.

No 2. 
Confess by Colleen Hoover

Since, my rule no1 doesn't let me buy 'Without Merit', I will have to read this one! Hahah!! I always love to read Colleen's books on February though so here's a next month's pick!And.. it's also a mini series that I can't find it anywhere online? Do you know where I could watch it???

No 3.
 'All Souls Trilogy' by Deborah Harkness

I have read the first one years ago but I have all three and I want to read them this year since a tv series is under production!!! Yay!!!

No 4. 
'The Bronze Horseman' by Paullina Simons

I have heard only amazing things and it seems like a book that I would really love!!!!!

No 5.  
'Norse Mythology' by Neil Gaiman

I recently got this book as a gift and I can't wait to read it! I was always intrigued by the Vikings and their gods and I am so curious to read this one!!!

That's all for now!
Stay tuned for a book review coming tomorrow!
And share your own bookish goals below!!!
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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