5 mottos for 2018!

I decided to start this year by choosing 5 mottos to inspire and follow me throughout 2018! 

*(They are not listed by any order.)

Hakuna Matata

Yeah... You read right! It means no worries you know!!!! Hahaha!!!
I want 2018 to be less stressful and to learn how not to worry about things that are not important! I believe this quote will help me be funny and relax!

No. 2
Everything happens for a reason!

I am a strong believer of that! Even bad things happen for a reason... to prepare you for something else or to give you a lesson! Just remember that:
Why be moody when you can shake yo booty??
You and I both have all the tools to create an amazing year! Why be moody? Go for it!!!

No. 4
Chase your dreams! Or what Michael Jordan said:

The quote below:

So... one of my big goals this year is to create the ideal morning and night routine! One that will help me achieve my other goals and inspire and motivate me!

Have you chosen your own mottos or quotes or phrases for 2018?
Share them with me below!
I totally need more of them! 😍😍😍
Until next time!!
xoxo Joan!


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