Hello december! Fall favorites and December TBR!

Holiday season is officially ON!!! Christmas decoration everywhere, cozy atmosphere, hot beverages... I love this season SO MUCH! And with fall coming to an end I wanted to share My Fall Favorites with all of you and get ready for those winter treats and new memories! 😍
As you probably have noticed I have not been blogg-active this fall, which is something that I am definitely planning to get back to! I already have some really cool posts coming out this month!!

Let's begin! Like always I have 5 categories for you!

1. Video Game

These past two months I have been obsessed with Dragon Age again. I have already played all three video games and started to re-play them again! This is an addiction!!! I have finished the first two games already and I plan on re-playing the third one too! Is anyone familiar with Dragon Age??

2. Tv Series

Of course! It's Outlander! I have watched every episode that's out and I really enjoy them! This may not be my favorite season but I still love this series!

3. Fitness


Even though I've spending really much time in front of my computer this season, I really kept my fitness level on top! I mostly workout at gym but I mix it up with outdoor training and at home workout videos by Tone It Up too! And those booty bands saved me during my travels!!! Their Holiday Hustle fitness challenge starts on Monday till December 31st and it's a great way to stay on track during holidays! Anyone else signed up??


4. Movie

I recently saw Justice League and loved it! SO MUCH!!!! 

I loved them all and I really recommend it to everyone!!!

5. Travel-Photography

I visited my parents' hometown twice this fall which I really loved as I love travelling, but mostly I love taking photos!!! So... enjoy!!!


Now... about my December TBR... Since I have only read ONE book the last three months... (OMG... SO EMBARASSED!!!) I will keep this month really simple... Just two books! Hopefully!!!!!

These two are The Tower Of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas, the seventh book in The Throne Of Glass series. This is the book I've been waiting for! A book about Chaol! My favorite character!!!! I already love it from what I've read!! 

The second book I also want to read is Origins by Dan Brown. He is also one of my favorite characters! His writing is so addicting... You just can't put the book down! His last one, Inferno, is one of my favorite book of his and I am curiously waiting to see if I will love this one more! Which is really possible since it takes place in Spain!

That's all for now!
See you soon guys!!!


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