Book planning for 2018!

One thing about me: I love planning and organizing! And for the last two years I've been book-planning too! Keep reading to see what I'm talking about!! 😉

What is book planning? 

It is a simple notebook that I use to track new releases that I want to read, plan my TBR list, write down which books I read and how many stars I gave them, keeping notes of the books I read and many more! You can also book plan for the year ahead and personalize it to your own preferences and needs!

I always start with a year preview! I like circling the dates that I want to post in my blog and then color them inside. 

For the next page, I have a square for each month where I write down when my anticipated releases of the year are being published and I also write on pencil my TBR list for this month!

Other titles you may find on my book planner:

  • My Books and Ratings, where I write which books I read each month and how many stars I rated them
  • New Authors I Read, they may be really famous authors that I happen to read for the first time or authors that just published their debut.
  • New Releases I Read, where as you already understood I write down the books I read that got published this year.
  • My Finished Series, very explanatory by itself!
  • My Unfinished Series. I have two different columns here. Book series that have already concluded and series that are on progress. For example:
Divergent : 1   2   3 
And since I have read the first two books of this trilogy I cross off no1 and no2!

  • My Unread Books. This is fun! Hahaha! If watching this list doesn't stop you for buying books all the time, I don't know what else does!! Also, the feeling of crossing off the ones you manage to read is extremely satisfying! P.S. Don't forget to add the books you buy/receive during the year!
  • Check these Out, for books or authors I want to read.
  • Blog Planning
  • Reading Challenge. I have printed the 2018 reading challenge by Popsugar and I will update you of the results next year...hahaha!!
  • Book Notes 

So... will you book-plan for 2018???
Share your thoughts below and let me know of other cool planning ideas!!!
See you soon!


  1. I should follow your example. It sounds like an awesome idea. :)

    1. I am happy you liked it! If you share your planner make sure to let me know!

  2. Interesting and very helpful! Good idea!


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