5 authors I discovered in 2017!

Like every year, it is about time to talk about the 5 authors that I "discovered" this year!
If you are interested visit my previous posts of 2015 and 2016 to meet more authors! 
I only read 5 "new" authors this year... Something I definitely plan to improve in 2018! So... here they are!

No. 5
Antoine de Saint Exupery
For the first time I read Little Prince this year. I heard it as an audiobook to be precise and I enjoyed it but did not love it. Stay tuned for a review coming out this Friday!

No. 4
Angelos Terzakis
A Greek author of the previous century. I read Princess Isambo and I loved his lyrical and poetic writing style! It was something quite different from the novels that I usually read, but at the same time I realised how talented he was and how drown I was to his narrative style! 

No. 3
Rosamund Hodge
I just recently read Cruel Beauty and I loved it! Even though I had bought this as an e-book two years ago I finally got the chance to read it and surprisingly finished it in a few days!!! It made me surpass my struggle with e-books! Hahahaha!! I will definitely read more of her books in the future! And a book review is definitely coming...hm... maybe next month! 

No. 2
Susan Dennard
This year I read both Truthwitch and Windwitch and it is one of my new favorite fantasy series! The world, the character and the plot is just amazing and I can't wait for her next books! I may have already pre-ordered Sightwitch and I am more than excited for Bloodwitch next year!

No. 1
Evelyn Skye
Her Crown's Game duology was fantastic! I loved both Crown's Game and Crown's Fate for different reasons. I will for sure keep my eye out for more books by her! Even though it seems I will have to wait till fall 2018 for her new book Circle of Shadows.

Which new authors did you read this year?
Let's talk in the comments below!


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