Tome Topple Readathon Wrap Up

Tome Topple Readathon Round 4 is officially over! It was my very first time taking part in a readathon so I thought why not writing a post about my experience and my wrap up? 😉

 Sooo this readathon started on August 4th for two weeks! I had a beautiful reading experience!! Unfortunately I was busy with work and life in general so I didn't read as much as I hoped to read but I had a great time and I am looking forward for the next round! 

My first tome was Dragonfly In Amber by Diana Gabaldon! I had started reading this before this challenge started, from page 582! This book is both a tome that is part of the series "Outlander" and an adult novel too! And my edition is 963 pages long so I read 382 pages from this book!

Then I started reading ''A Court Of Wings And Ruin'' by Sarah J. Maas and reached page 282/699. Unfortunately I did not finish this one and I also didn't get to start Cress as I had planned, but that's ok! 

I didn't buddy read any of my books but during the twitter sprinting reads I found many readers also reading the same book or have read/planning to read them and I was really encouraged to go on! So that counts too... right? As for a graphic novel... well graphic novels are quite expensive so I decided to stay focused on my already huge TBR pile than adding more to it... heheh!! Maybe next time! 

So.... as a wrap up I would say that (if combined) I read only one tome oooor 664 pages. I wouldn't say that I am disappointed, as I really enjoined my reading sessions and I read more than normally in a two-weeks spread! But... I am planning to surpass this number in the next round of tome topple readathon!! OH YES!!!

My favorite part of this challenge was the reading sprints on twitter! Due to the fact that I live in Greece, my time zone aligned mostly with the sprints hosted by Sarah-Jane, Sian and Ish! So thank you girls for the amazing company on my afternoon or night reading sessions! And a big thank you to all the hosts for this readathon! I am looking forward to reading with you again soon!

Adriana -
Sarah-Jane -
Sian -
Caz -
Emma -

My second favorite part was the instagram challenge!!
I may not completed it but I took many beautiful pictures!

I wish everyone an amazing weekend! 
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!



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