August 2017 favorites and wrap up

Domnista - Evrytania, Greece

August is almost over! Hot weather may not be over in Greece yet, but those long summer days are already a little shorter and that is what I will mostly miss about summer....!

1. Wrap Up and Favorite Book!

As always let's start with my August wrap up! This month I read three books and I just started a fourth one which I don't know if I will be able to finish it in these last days of August... These books where:
  • Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon
  • The Little Prince by Antoine de de Saint-Exupery (greek audiobook format)
  • A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas 

My workplace for the day!

As of my favorite book of this month I would have to choose between the two physical books I read, which I both loved! However, my first choice would be ACOWAR because I was waiting patiently for this book for a year and it did not disappoint me! I won't say more about it though as full non-spoiler reviews are coming soon for all the three books that I read this month!

I also started reading today "Because you love to hate me",  so be also tuned for that!

2. TV Series

This month I watched and re-watched some series! I probably spent a lot of time in front of my screen...! Last month I chose Game of Thrones as the tv series of the month, so this month I will choose a different one even though I am still obsessed with GoT! Today I watched the last episode of this season and OMG!! Do we really have to wait for another year?????? 
Also, as I read Dragonfly In  Amber, and season 3 of Outlander
premiers (FINALLY!!!!) on September 10th, I re-watched the first season and I am now on the second one! I almost never re-watch a series but I didn't regret it at all! Both seasons have so many scenes that made me laugh out loud and so many that made me cry and I loved experiencing them again! 

And which series was my first pick this month?

The 100.
I hadn't watched season 4 when it aired and let me just say that I started it an August afternoon and watched 6 episodes overnight!!!! It only took me two days!!! It was amazing!!!!!! I never expected it to fall in love with it again! I can't wait for season 5 which is currently in production and will probably be released on early 2018! My favorite character is Octavia! I highly recommend it guys! Even if you don't watch dystopian or sci-fi! I rarely like those series either to be honest!

3. Anime 

I love anime! Maybe I could make a post about my favorite anime series that I have watched! So.... this month I started watching Yu-Gi-Oh! I was a child when I was watching it with my brothers (dubbed in greek), but the tv only played the first season and I always wanted to watch everything from the beginning in its original form! (I don't speak japanese obviously, but I watch it with english subtitles!)
There are 224 episodes and I am already on episode 64 so you do realise my obsession! Since I love everything that has to do with ancient Egypt, this anime is my love!!!!
If you have any good anime recommendations please share in the comments below! I would appreciate if it wasn't something like bleach or one piece as I would need more than this lifetime to watch them!!!

4. Bookish Event!

This month I also participated in a readathon! Tome Topple Readathon Round 4 was a unique experience! You could read more about it in my last post here but let me just tell you for one more time that it did really inspire me to read those giant books that I read this month!


5. Travel

Once more I managed to travel for the first five days of this month! My destination was to the mountains, a village called Domnista. Mountains may not be your first choice for summer vacations, but the fresh, clean air, the cooler nights, the stars (they are visible from there as city lights make them disappear in Athens), even the sunrise and sunset are really magical! Domnista is a small village, in the mountain range of Pindos, and belongs to the larger geographic area of Evrytania. It is also my grandfather's hometown so that's another reason I love this place! Enjoy some of the photos I took and have an amazing week ahead!!

See you soon! 
xoxo Joan!



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