Lord of Shadows by Casandra Clare book review!

Finally! A book by Cassandra Clare!!! I had missed her books sooo much! And I've been waiting for a whole year for Lord of Shadows! In case you don't know, Lord Of Shadows is the second book in ''The Dark Artifices'' a new book series in the shadowhunters' world following different characters five years after the end of ''The Mortal Instrument series''. If you are familiar with this world and have read the first book, ''Lady Midnight" you may read this review!

 OMG!! I literally don't know where to begin from.... I could talk about this book forever! First of all waiting for a year was a torture! As waiting for yet another year will be for the third and finale book! Definitely my MOST anticipated release of this year, along with  ''A Court Of Wings And Ruin'' by Sarah J. Maas which I am currently reading by the way, so stay tuned! I am also participating in the Tome Topple Readathon Round 4 (Info here) so make sure to also follow me on Twitter cause this is where I post my reading experience!

Let's return to that review now!

The World
I am in love! I would love to be a shadowhunter myself... Nefilim, Werewolves, Vampires, Faeries, Warlocks... Demons.. It has it all!! Which of the above would you like to be yourself? Most of this book takes part in the Institute of London. That's why the Bridge of London is on the cover! It was nice to return there after the Infernal Devices series! You may know a ghost or two... Hahah!!

The Characters
There are a ton of characters in all of her books and I LOVE the fact that in this third of her book series we meet a lot of our previous favorite characters! In this book for example, we get a lot of Magnus and Alec with their children which I really enjoyed!
As for the main characters... just WOW!!! They have grown sooo much! Julian is hands down my favorite of them all! He has that kind of force inside him that I can't even describe...! Emma is really strong and brave too! They both would sacrifice anything for one another and for the Blackthorn kids. Speaking of... Tay and Livia aren't kids any more...! They have also grown to meet their nefilim duties. Mark is also back for good and I was excited to see how he would get accustomed to his new environment. Christina is not a Blackthorn, but she become part of this extended family as she is best friends with Emma and has helped around a lot! The relationships between the characters are complicated too...! Parabatai love, false relationships, triangles... OMG!

Plot- Writing Style
The plot was just amazing! Like any other book by Cassandra Clare. Our main characters have to find the Black Volume, a book full of dangerous magic, before the Lord of Shadows does, in order to prevent a war. But breaking the rules is necessary to achieve their goals. However, things are WAY MORE complicated! I have heard that some have found this book to be slow but I wouldn't agree... There are so many things going on at once and such twists and turns that I wouldn't describe it slow myself. I love Cassandra Clare's writing so much! I didn't mind at all that it was so long! The longer the better! I may have to read her Magisterium novels just because she is the writter, or the co-writter I believe!
And that ending....... my heart broke into tiny pieces... I don't know and I am also really afraid of what will happen....! 

Wow... this turned to be a long one..! Of course I rated this book with 5 stars!!!

I could quote the whole book but instead here are my top spoiler-free quotes!

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