Crown's Fate by Evelyn Skye Book Review

Finally a book review! It's been some time! 
The Crown's fate is the second book in "The Crown's Game'' duology by Evelyn Skye! If you don't want to be spoiled for the first book, please read first 'The Crown's Game' and I'll be waiting for you!! 😌

 First of all I am so happy that I completed another series! I read both books this year and I loved them! On the other hand though, there will be no more books about Vika, Nikolai and Pasha... which is a sad thing...! Without further ado let's dive into that review...

You probably remember that this series takes place in Russia in the 19th century. Vika is the Imperial Enchanter, Pasha is about to become the next char and Nikolai is dead.. or is he not? In the end of 'The Crown's Game', Vika had seen Nikolai in the magical dream benches he had created... he was only a shadow but she knew that a part of Nikolai is alive... Actually, Nikolai has indeed escaped death and the price for his return is really high... Can't say more than that though cause... I don't want to ruin all the fun and chaos! The magic system of this series is also quite unique and I think you'll enjoy it too!

Nikolai has been my favorite character from the start! My heart ached so much for him throughout the whole book! This was a much darker read than the first book but I really loved it! The other characters are really well written too and there is much character growth! 

Evelyn's writing style is captivating! I couldn't put either of her two books down! I am still so surprised that these are her first two books! I am definitely a fan! I hope for a movie adaptation for the near future! That would be awesome news!!!!

 And..... her new book is coming out fall 2018! Still pretty far away but good news for me!It will be called "Circle of Shadows" and it is going to be a duology too! 

What Evelyn said about her new book?
 ''This sweeping, ninja-inspired fantasy follows Sora, a talented assassin, who is accused of being a spy and must prove her loyalty while her former partner and best friend, Daemon, hunts her across the kingdom to bring her home to justice.''

Interesting!!! Am I right??? I already can't wait!!!!

The truth is that I liked the first book a bit more but I couldn't also rate this one with less that 5 stars, because it was really intense and kept me on the edge of my seat! 

My favorite quote was definitely this one:

“But if the player has nothing to lose, then nothing remains...
Except to win.” 

Thanks for reading my review!
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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