May and June favorites!

As I did not post my May obsessions, here is the combined version for both May and June!

1. Book

You have probably noticed that I am in a huuuuge reading slump at the moment! 😱 I only read Windwitch in May and Ice Like Fire in June.... I enjoyed both of them but I liked Windwitch more! 😋
Check my review for Windwitch here! And stay tuned next week for the 'Ice Like Fire' review too!!

2. Music

As for music, this past few months I am in a rock phase...! 👊 I have always listened to rock music and since one of my favorite bands came to my city this month I was obsessed listening to them all the time! This band is 'The Killers'. 😍  
Unfortunately I couldn't attend their live concert but these two months I've been listening to them all the time!!! Hahaha!!! I love many songs by them but some of my top favorites are 'Mr.Brightside' and 'For Reasons Unknown' and 'When You Were Young' and many many more!!

3. Accessories

This is an ultimate summer must-have! Sunglasses! And since lately I am obsessed with rose gold I had to buy these by Hawkers! Really affordable and the most perfect rose gold fusion color! You can also find them here!

4. Event

If you also follow me on Instagram (joan.ts) you may noticed that last week I went to a greek concert of a Greek singer I used to listen to a lot when I was younger! I had a great time and it really reminded me those years when I was 18... hahaha!!!

5. Travel

In May I visited my parents' hometown for a few days! It is called Messolonghi and it is a city in west Greece. Here are some photos I captured since you may already know that I am obsessed with photography as well!! 😍  

See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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