Blogmas - What I Eat In A Day!

This time of year it is really easy to indulge in everything sweet and savory! I love watching "What I Eat In A Day" videos or blog posts because they motivate me to stay healthy and I get some cooking ideas!

This is something new to my blog so if you like such posts tell me in the comments!

The day I decided to photograph my meals was a day off from work and a rest day from gym! It actually turned out pretty good but not every day is healthy for me (unfortunately!)

In total I had three meals and two snacks.

M1 - Breakfast

For breakfast I had an omelette with spinach and mushrooms. I make this one only when I am not working but you can definitely prepare it at night and heat it up in the morning.
I used a whole egg and two egg whites and then you can add your favorite ingredients, like peppers, mushrooms, spinach, salsa etc. 
I usually eat this with a  slice of toasted bread or a glass of orange juice.
It is so filling and full of energy!

M2 - Snack #1

I can't begin properly my day without a cup of coffee!! I love coffee and I mostly drink it dark! This day I prefered a cup of filtered coffee with hazelnut flavor and a pumpkin muffin! I found the recipe from nutrition plan as I am a member, but you can make a similar one in their link without being a member.
They are so delicious and the whole house smelled amazing while cooking them!

M3 - Lunch

For lunch I had a salad with lettuce, 1 Tbs cranberries, 1Tbs walnuts, a Tbs of pomegranate-balsamic cream with some chicken and an apple.
It is my go-to lunch when I have any left-over meat! 

M4 - Snack #2

My favorite smoothie!
Chocolate Sunrise Smoothie by Tone It Up!
You can find the recipe here! If you crave something sweet or you're heading to the gym this is for you!!!

M5 - Dinner

As for dinner I made mexican mixed greens.
Just put in a pan 1Tbs extra virgin olive oil, your favorite greens, black beans, some salsa and a glass of water. Cook until all water is gone and greens are soft, serve with a tortilla and done!! 

Bon apetit!!

15 days until Christmas!

See you tomorrow!
xoxo Joan!

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