Blogmas - 5 ways to get into the Christmas Spirit!

Hey guys!
Sometimes this time of year is also the busiest and many times you would feel like the days flow by and you don't get to enjoy the holiday season as you would want to. Here is a guide with 5 ways to get into the Christmas spirit without even leaving your home!

1. Christmas Decoration

Find some time for decorating a  Christmas tree! Find a nice corner in your living room and you won't regret it! It will 100% increase your good mood every time you return back home! You could also be more creative and have an amazing christmas centerpiece on your table or what I like to do is light some scented candles and get some fairy lights!  Pinterest has a million ideas! You could also type the style you want to have in your home like modern christmas decoration or vintage christmas decoration.

2. Books

What better way to relax after a long day with a hot beverage and good book near the christmas tree or fireplace? It doesn't have to be a book that takes place in Christmas. For this time of year I love reading fantasy (well, I love fantasy all year round but you get the meaning!), fairy tales or fairy tale retellings, books with magic (hello there Harry Potter!) or short stories! 
Plus, you get to catch up on some reading and reduce that endless TBR pile! (Actually that's a lie! TBR never gets smaller..!!!)

3. Movies

There are a ton of Christmas movies out there! I don't have to say more... It's the simplest way to get into the festive spirit! Which ones are your favorite?

4. Christmas Music

I love listening to Christmas music! It makes me feel so happy and it inspires me so much! Here is my Merry Christmas list on Spotify! 

5. Christmas Recipes

It is the best time to bake some festive goodies and try your cooking skills! You can find online endless inspiration from every corner of the world! Share them with your friends and have an amazing time!!!

And don't forget... 17 days until Christmas!!!!

See you tomorrow
xoxo Joan!
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