Blogmas - Holiday Bucket List

Welcome to the first blog post for Blogmas! One of my favorite things is planning! And an other one is writing (obviously 😋)! So you could easily guess that I love creating any kind of lists!
With the holiday season just around the corner it is time to think about all those things that you love doing these days or the ones you want to accomplish in order to have the best time possible! 
So I created a Holiday Bucket List with all the things I want to do this month! 

1.Spending time with our loved ones is the most important thing for me during both holiday season and everyday life! Plan a date night, a family get together and a night out with friends and I'm 100% certain that you'll have the time of your life! 
2.Decorating is my favorite tradition by far! Blast some festive music, invite over friends and drink a glass of wine (or two! 🍷🍷)while decorating! We made it our own tradition! We also cook and eat all together! Amazing time....!

3.I have noticed that this time of year I tend to eat more sweets or eat quick meals and comfort food, which is totally normal by me if I also didn't skip my workout routine... So for this holiday season my goal is to stick to my fitness plan so I won't feel guilty enjoying all those Christmas goodies! 
4.If you haven't baked something so that your whole kitchen smells like Christmas, you should!!! Find some delicious recipes online, gather the ingredients and test your cooking skills!!! 
5. A Christmas movie is a must! What better than a nice comedy during those chilly days! 
6. I love reading books! And during these days I love re-reading a Harry Potter book or a fairytale retelling! I plan on reading the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Cress of the Lunar Chronicles series.
7.A getaway is what I need to refill my batteries and spend time with my family and friends that I don't get to see that often. We tend to get-together in our home in  Messolonghi (Greece) and spend some days there (if I'm not working during these days). It never gets snowy there as the weather is mostly rainy but I love it nevertheless! 

Christmas Eve in Messolonghi 2015 - Cold yet really sunny!

8. Who doesn't want a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day? Or a glass of gluhwein on a cold night? They are my favorite drinks by far! 
9.Like making this list, creating a list with my goals for the year ahead is mandatory for a new, fresh start! Just make sure you revisit your goals soon enough! That's the part I forget most of the times...!
10. And most of all, remember to be present and enjoy each and every moment! Even if you can't travel or you have to work, the possibilities are still endless! 
Now why don't you create your own Bucket List? I've already posted mine on Instagram with the hashtag #HolidayBucketList!!

And don't forget.... 19 days until Christmas! 

See you tomorrow!!
xoxo Joan! 😘
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