The Mortal Instruments #4 City Of Fallen Angels and more Shadowhunter tv series news!!

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Hey guys!!!
I finished reading this book some time ago and it was amazing!!!! The third one is still my favorite so far but I really loved this one too!!

-greek edition-

This is the fourth book of the Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare and if you haven't read any of her books I strongly recommend you to read them!!!
It is a fantasy bookseries with amazing characters and a storyline that keeps you interesting through every page!!!

Now about City Of Fallen Angels! (spoiler free)
This one, kind of looked like it is more Simon-centered to me! It was a bit weird following him in the beginning of the book not knowing what happened to the rest of the characters after the end of City Of Glass!!! I was wondering where Clare was and where Jace was and what had happened? But we get answers pretty quickly!!! I totally love all the characters of the mortal Instrument Series and I really loved to see that everyone has his personal story and struggles but keeps moving forward!!

So I'm more than happy about the Shadowhunters tv series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We now have more of the cast and they have already started filming in Toronto!!! I think they filmed the Pandemonium scene so they will start the story from the beginning which I was hoping for them to do!!

All the actors are amazing and I'm looking forward for the premiere!!! However I didn't imagine Hodge being so young!!! I kind of picture him older in my head but that doesn't really matter that much I guess!!! He looks amazing as he is too!!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!
Till next time... Goodbye!!!!!


  1. Heyy, Where did you find the Greek translation?

    1. In a greek bookstore! I live here so they are everywhere!!

  2. Και εγω Ελλάδα μένω, αλλα δεν μπορω να τα βρω πουθενα και το παμλικ μου ειπε οτι δεν υπάρχουν μεταφρασμένα, οποτε φαντάσου την έκπληξη μου οταν είδα την φωτο σου στο ίντερνετ με το μεταφρασμένο εξώφυλλο ������ btw ωραιο σαιτ ❤❤


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