Morning Ritual!!

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Hello there!!!! 
Truth is that starting your day the right way has a major impact to the rest of the day!!! Having a morning ritual is the best way to jump-start your day and feel fulfilled before you go to bed at night!

As a nurse I often have to wake up pretty early for that morning shift but there are days too that I work later in the afternoon, or the night shift or I have the day off from work and I have the whole morning to myself!! 

So I decided to divide my morning rituals to busy mornings and free mornings!!


Well, on these days I have to wake up at around 5 a.m. so I don't have time to work out in the morning for my TIUBootycall... (Maybe someday I will manage to wake up 30 min earlier but that just seems impossible right now). However I schedule my day so that I am able to have a sweat session in the afternoon!!!

1.Let's get the party started!

The first thing to do when I wake up is to wash my face with a mild cleanser and put on my moisturizing cream!! I feel so energized after that!! I put some music on and let's get the party started!! I have created a playlist on spotify with all the songs from Tone It Up and my favorite summer ones! Go check my playlist (TIU Rest Day @joan.ts) and let me know which songs to add!!

2. Have an amazing breakfast!

This is probably the most important part of the morning!! Breakfast gives me the energy I need to start my day and go to work with a smile!! I love eating milk with whole wheat cereal and I usually love tossing goji berries, blueberries or cranberries too!! I also love making homemade protein bars with peanut butter or muffins! While eating breakfast I like browsing on my favorite pages and checking my e-mails!

3.Getting Fierce and Fabulous!

I lay out the clothes I'm going to wear the night before, because it's not that easy for me to decide what to wear in the last minute! I put on some sunscreen on my face (summer and winter), a nice eye shade (not something too bright for the morning), eyeliner (a soft cat eye is always a must!!) and I'm ready!! I also love the lip balm tone it up has created!! Especially the one that smells like pomegranate!! 


Perfume!!! I love perfumes which smell like candies (for winter), like flowers (for spring) and like summer sunshine (for summer)! Find your favorite ones and let an awesome scent follow you all day long!!


I grab a cup of my favorite coffee for that morning boost, put a healthy snack on my purse and... ready to GO!!!


1.Sleeping Beauty

I love sleeping! So in my free mornings it is sometimes difficult to wake up in the morning! However having the curtains pulled and letting the sunrise wake me up is amazing!! (Well this only happens during spring to summer because during winter the sun rises a little late!!!) I usually spent a few minutes checking my e-mails before I rise from bed because I have realized that keeping my brain busy makes me wake up faster!

2.Morning Bootycall

Next it's time for that bootycall!! I follow the weekly schedule on but sometimes I like to improvise or add some of my favorite routines. It depends on the time I have available between 30 and 60 minutes.


As I have more free time in these mornings, I love making my all time favorite strawberry pancakes, or the chocolate sunrise smoothie! Egg muffins are also so delicious!! I usually check my planner and my to-do list during that time!

4.Beauty time

Taking a shower and pampering myself is a must after my workouts!! 


Coffee is for everyday!!! A home-brewed coffee and a good book makes the ideal morning ritual!! After that I'm ready to enjoy my day!!!

What is your morning ritual? I want to hear yours!!!!
Till next time....


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