February Wrap Up and Favorites!!!

Hello everyone!!! I finally came back with a new post! February was an amazing reading month for me! I read 6 books (3024 pages - and I do count audiobooks in there! 😋) March on the other side... I fear I am getting into a reading slump.... mid-month and I haven't finished a book yet!😱😱 It's not me... It's Netflix actually! Hahaha!!! So without any more delay let's begin!!

1. I first read a greek romance book by Chrysiida Dimoulidou. It hasn't been translated in english but so you know it's a story about a woman falling in love with a much younger man. It was my pick for some romance reading since it was near Valentine's Day. I gave this book 2/5 stars as it was really short and I didn't connect with the characters, who also seemed to overreact to certain circumstances. 

2. Then I read, Without Merit by Colleen Hoover. I read this as an e-book from scribd. I usually read a book by her every February! This book follows a teenager called Merit trying to deal with her really dysfunctional family. This book was also the Goodreads Choice Award Winner for romance in 2017. I'll talk more about it in a book review!
I gave this book 3 stars.

3. I then listened to The Light Over London by Julia Kelly, read by Lucy Bronhill.
This is a historical fiction novel following two timelines, one in the present and one during WWII. The narrator was really good and I enjoyed this book very much! I rated this one with 4.5 stars!

4. The fourth book I finished in February was Deception Point by Dan Brown! And thus, I have read all of his books!!! I really love his writing style and even though this was one of his first books I also enjoyed it and loved the concept of it! It has to do with political background scandals and alien life and murder and mystery! You know, a typical Dan Brown novel! I gave this book 4 stars!

5. I then finally read Winter by Marissa Meyer. The fourth and concluding novel to The Lunar Chronicles series! It felt so good re-visiting the world and the characters! I love them all so much and I miss them already! And I love that cover so much!!!!😍😍😍 As you may have guessed I gave this book 5 stars!!!! I loved it!!! I will definitely post a more lengthy review of this one so stay tuned!!!!!!

6. And the final book I read in February was actual a re-read! I re-read Windwitch by Susan Dennard. I was really surprised that I remembered only little things of this book and more about Truthwitch! The truth is that Truthwitch was better in my opinion! Still a nice read though! I enjoyed more Iseult's storyline because... Aeduan! And I am so excited for Bloodwitch! I am also curious to see what becomes of Merit and the other characters as well! I also have a book review about this one so feel free to check it ou!!!

Now let's talk about this month's favorites!!!!

As usual, I have 5 categories that made my February unique!!!

1. Book
Well, the book of the month was for sure Winter!!!! It was my only 5 star book of February and it was huge but I loved every single page of it!!

2. Movie
I watched one movie on Netflix and one in the actual cinema!
On Netflix I watched "Nothing To Hide",  a french comedy about some old friends/couples who meet for dinner and decide to play a game where they all put their phones on the table and decide that they are all going to hear all calls made and all read all messages received! And then it's chaos! It was so much fun!!!! In the theater, I watched Alita, an action packed fantasy movie which was better than I expected to be honest, with beautiful effects and cgis that made everything look extremely real!! I can't decide between the two of them as they are completely different and I enjoyed both of them!!!

3. TV Series
The only TV series I watched in February was one I have watched before and loved... It is the "How I Met Your Mother" show! I love it so much!!! It makes me laugh so much!! I will always come back to this series over and over and over again! I may love it more than FRIENDS... There... I said it... Hahaha!!

4. New Glasses!!!!
I used to wear contacts all the time but I finally decide to buy a new pair of glasses that I adore!!

5. Travel!
I visited my parents' hometown and had an amazing time but I also took some beautiful photos for my bookstagram!!! (@booksreadbyjoan) I have already posted some of those!!!

That's all for now!!!
See you next time!

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