My March TBR!!!

Hey guys! I'm coming back with my March TBR!

My previous post was getting really big so I decided to do another one where I am going to talk about all the books that I'm going to read during March!! I know it's mid-March already but I hope it's not too late!!!

1. So first of all, I want to include the only book I've read so far and that is The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. To be honest I wanted to read The Huntress, which is her newest release, but I didn't find it on scribd so I read this once instead! I listened to the audiobook to be exact! Wait till my March wrap up to see my full review!!

Now, the books I am currently reading!

2. The Spitfire Girls by Soraya Lane. This is my commute audiobook! I am in a historical fiction mood these days and I am enjoying listening to war stories! This is also a new release and I am really excited to learn more about WWII's fly girls!!!
I also love that cover! I wish I also had the physical copy of it on my shelves!!!

3. Queen Of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare! It's finally happening!!! The finale to the Dark Artifices trilogy of the Shadow world!!!! I am in the last 300 pages and I slowly make my progress towards the end as I am not ready for this!!!! I am getting all the 5-star feelings of a book and I am sure it's going to be in my best of 2019 list!!! Emma and Julian are my favorite couple in this world among all the other couples that Cassandra Clare has written about! I love them so freaking much!!!

4. Catherine of Aragon by Giles Tremlett. Since I love the character of Catherine of Aragon after reading The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory, I wanted to read a book I had in my shelves for years now! This is a biography, my first biography actually! It's written a bit weird to my taste but I will explain everything on my wrap up! It's getting me more than I expected to finish this!!!

And finally, I would like to add a couple more books to my list!

5. The Castle in the Pyrenees by Jostein Gaarder. I now nothing about this book but I have read two more books by that author that I had enjoyed so... let's see! I only now that every book of his contains some philosophy in it!!

6. The Sunrise by Victoria Hislop! Every book I read by her I loved it so much!!!!! I have read The Island, The Thread and The Return which were all 5 stars if I remember well and I have also read a short-stories collection! I really want to also read The Sunrise which is sitting on my shelves for far too long to be honest!!! It follows a greek and a turkish family when the Turks invaded Cyprus and I am so intrigued by that!!!!!!!! Victoria Hislop writes amazing historical fiction novels!!!!

That's all for now!!!
See you next time!

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