Top 5 book couples - 2018 edition

Happy Late Valentine's Day!!!💘
Like every year this is the 2018 list of my favorite book couples of all times, mostly inspired by my latest reads to be honest!! Visit my previous posts (2016 and 2017) to see what has changed and which couples remained and share with me your own picks!
Warning: It may contain slight spoilers according to romance but not about the plot of the book!
Let's begin!

No 5.

Nesryn and Prince Sartaq (Tower Of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas)


These two are really made for each other! They complement one another in a unique way! They make the perfect couple! Both strong and loyal, with great sense of chasing adventure.

No 4.

 Nyx and Ignifex (Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge)


That book… Have you read my review? I really did not expect to care that much about the characters! And they made it in my top 5 list! WOW! This couple was my guilty pleasure… because who would want to marry a demon??? Hahah! Ignifex is soooo mysterious that make him really attractive! And Nyx is so torn having to choose between duty and love! I loved it!

No 3.

Cress and Thorne (Cress by Marissa Meyer)


This couple really got me by surprise! I never believed I would care about Thorne that much but Cress made me love him as well! Since I haven’t read Winter yet, I don’t know if they will actually end up together but I couldn’t not include them in this list!

No 2.


If these two won't find a way to be together I will be soooo TORN!!!!! Cassandra Clare has a unique way to describe relationships and she is amazing at that! This couple made me feel all the feels...! 😭😭 I love these characters so freaking much!!!

No 1.


This novel really touched my heart! Sarah J. Maas really knows how to write about love! The relationship between Chaol and Yrene was not love at first sight as you would expect. It is growing steadily over the pages and felt only natural that they fell in love. The scene were they kissed for the first time really spoke to my heart! I was never a fan of him being with Nesryn, so I felt that things are right now! In this case both Chaol and Nesryn left their relationship grow out of love. (Nesryn had already released him of his promises, so you could consider him "single".) And that is something I understand! These things happen in real life too and I respect Sarah J. Maas for writing really realistic relationships!!!

You may have noticed that I did not include Claire and Jamie (Outlander) in this year’s list! That’s because I have read about the amazing couples above that I wanted to share with you and not because I don’t believe that they are one of the best couples ever! That’s why I wanted to talk about them in here too, and make this note as an honorable mention!

 That's all for now!
Thank you for reading it!
Which are your favorite book or tv or movie couples?
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!

*Let me tell you that this is a list according to the books I’ve read so far. 


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